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16 Jobs For People Without Experience

Everybody needs a job to have income to live, but the challenge comes when we finish school and start looking for jobs. Most people don’t have any experience when starting out fresh in the job market. We knock doors and apply for different jobs, but everywhere we come we need one or two years of experience. 

This can be really frustrating and that is why you can find a list of 16 jobs here that do not require experience. You can start finding them immediately if you have the right attitude

Job list for people with no experience

1. Waiter or bartender jobs

To be a waiter or waiter, you do not require previous experience. It is important that you have a lot of patience and that you are attentive towards clients. If you serve clients with joy, kindness and satisfy their wishes, the tips will be your reward, and you will be able to generate more income additional to your basic salary. 

2. Cashier jobs

In this position you must be good at mental arithmetic, although the cash register will tell you most of the time what to return. If you are not the best at mental arithmetic, there are apps on your cell phone which you can use to practice.

3. Security guard jobs

To work in security, it is very important to be a person who can be trusted. If you are transparent and honest, and you can show that to other people, you must be able to get this job. Furthermore, you need to not be scared too quickly and have good body strength.

4. Delivery jobs

To become a delivery guy or girl it is important to have a motorcycle. If you don’t have one, you might be able to borrow or rent one to be sure you can fulfill the job. It would be useful to have a sense of spatial awareness in combination with easily navigating through a (big) city. Combining this with a strong desire to work must get you those kinds of jobs easily.

5. Store seller

To be a good salesperson, all you have to do is study the product you are going to sell. Focus on its benefits so that you can communicate them to the potential customer. A seller is very patient and very persevering, if you serve everyone with care and without thinking if they are going to buy or not, you will become one of the best, resulting in good commissions for you.

6. Call center agent

For this kind of job, you will receive training outside the company most of the time. If you are bilingual in both English and Spanish, you have a ton of options in this working field. To be a good call center agent you should be good with words and have no fear of rejection.

7. Production operator

If you like machines and repetitive work, this is the position for you. There are many companies hiring people to add extra hands to their workforce. On most occasions, work experience is not needed.

8. Receptionist

Like a waiter or sales person, you must have a very good presentation and ease of expression towards clients.

9. Typist

Learning to type and becoming a typist is very easy, you just need a keyboard and a computer. You can learn by being self-taught and enter a company after you master this skill.

10. Warehouse assistant

To be a good warehouse assistant you must like working in order and have some physical strength. It is important you always have the merchandise in order, classified in the allocated spaces.

11. Administrative assistant

In this position, it is important that you are well-organized. You will be carrying out the tasks assigned by the company, such as registering invoices and purchases.

12. Plant helper

Like the warehouse assistant, you must be well-organized and have a great attitude towards helping the plant to execute the required tasks.

13. Secretary

In this position you need to have as much order as possible. You will need to write down a lot of stuff to help your colleagues to work as efficiently as possible.

14. Collection advisor

Here you have to be very persevering and have a very strong attitude, it is perhaps one of the most difficult jobs on this list.

15. Maintenance assistant

If you are one of those who repairs everything in the house, you should be good in this position.

16. Cafeteria assistant

If you have talent for cooking and helping in the kitchen, this might be the opportunity for you.

4 keys to getting a job without experience

As you’ve just read, there are a lot of common aspects in all of these positions that will allow you to get the job regardless of age, knowledge, studies or work experience. 

Master the following 4 keys, and you will be able to get jobs without any experience required. 

    1. An attitude of service – Always focus on contributing the most possible to the company or your colleagues. Don’t pay attention to whether you work more or less than others or whether you receive a good tip or not. If you have the right attitude sooner or rather your reward will arrive. 
    1. Patience – Don’t get angry when a customer sends you to show him/her 10 pairs of shoes before telling you no. It is part of the job and the only thing you need to keep in mind is to be patient and help as good as you can. Be active and help as many customers as you can. 
    1. Order – Be sure you are using a sense of order in your work. Being messy will be a big drawback in most of the jobs presented. 
    1. Curiosity – In general, being curious allows you to know different areas in your company, and it can open new opportunities in the future. To do that, ask questions and try to learn from others; don’t be over curious; that can work against you. 

Don’t hesitate to step into the big market of job openings for which no experience is required. 

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