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3 Apps To Find A Job Fast

If you are looking for apps to find a job, in this article I am going to show you 3 apps to get a job that you should have on your mobile phone to get a job quickly and easily.

Why have apps to find a job?

With an App you are connected to job openings all day long by notifications. If we have quick and easy communication with our potential employers we will have a better chance of finding a job quickly.

CazVid App to find a job

CazVid is an innovative application that will help you contact employers at lightning speed. Since it does not work with traditional resumes, but rather uses video resumes. You can use them to apply for a job, you just have to record a 30-second video. This allows you to communicate directly with the employer within the app.

These video resumes allow you to show your enthusiasm, your communication skills, and your personality. This is a great opportunity for your employer to get a good first impression about you. Check out this article “3 keys to creating a successful video resume” to guide you on how you can record this video.

Another great advantage of CazVid is that it allows you to search for a job by category and by city. The job offers are also 30-second videos and allow you to get to know your future employer and their environment.


The Job Today app, like CazVid, allows you to quickly create profiles and contact employers easily by having a chat function. Through this chat you can send direct messages to employers.  Another advantage is that it allows you to search by location and in this way you can find jobs that are either in your city or close. One disadvantage is that the app is only in English, so if you don’t know English it will be a bit difficult to use it.


Jora is an application to find jobs by categories as the job offers themselves have a lot of information.  Among its outstanding features are the power to set alerts to notify when a new job has been published. This way you can apply quickly when a job meeting your requirements is posted. One of its disadvantages is that sometimes it is not easy to find jobs since not all cities have job offers.

Having an app to get a job can give you an advantage over other competitors by having access to job offers in your pocket. One of the best options you have in Spanish to apply quickly is CazVid. An app created to facilitate and streamline communication between employers and candidates.

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