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Find Work At Home Jobs

Working at home jobs have become extremely popular, especially after the Covid Pandemic in 2020. Enabling technology to work from home has been developed faster than ever, creating more ease in doing meetings and calls with your team members from the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, before the pandemic there was a lot of resistance against working from home. But, as there was no choice anymore, the majority of people lost their resistance. With those new opportunities a new question arises and that is how to find work at home jobs. We will answer this question at the end of the article and continue with some advantages and disadvantages of working at home jobs. 

Advantages of find work at home jobs

Working from home brings many advantages and we will highlight the top 5 selected by us. 

1. Less time on the road

Working from home will decrease the time you need to spend on the road. Instead of going every day to the office and back, you can just walk to your office space in your own house. This can create more free time and therefore more satisfaction for the employee.

2. Greater productivity

In an office environment your colleagues can have a bad influence on your overall productivity. They might come to you more often to solve problems or ask questions fast. This is harder when you are working from the comfort of your home. However, in your home you might have other distractions that can have a bad influence on your productivity. But overall it is proven that productivity increases when you work from home.

3. More job satisfaction

Working from home can give you more job satisfaction as you will have more flexibility. When you are out of your home for the majority of time it is harder to schedule certain tasks. Think about delivering a package, bringing and getting your kids from school, doing the laundry, etc. With a good schedule your job satisfaction might increase when working from home.

4. More time for fitness

When you work from home you have less time on the road meaning that you could have more time for fitness. It will be easier to do a short fitness session in your home than it is in an office. It is not comfortable to take a shower at the office after a training session for example, making it easier to skip those activities when you are at the office. 

Working from home doesn’t only come with advantages, there are definitely some disadvantages that should be mentioned.

Disadvantages of find work at home jobs

Working from home sounds great but it can also come with some disadvantages. We will highlight the top 3 disadvantages of working from home.

1. Lack of community and teamwork

In the office there might be a great community getting you a lot of social activity. When you change to a work from home spot you might miss this community and you will probably be planning less social activities. 

Doing teamwork from behind your screen is not as easy as in an office space. This might have a bad influence on the overall team performance. This can be overcome with 1 weekly or monthly team session in the office.

2. Lack of motivation

Sitting lonely in your home office might decrease the amount of motivation. It will be easier to be distracted by your surroundings and your cell phone. You will miss a motivational and inspiring leader when you are at home. For some people this might be more difficult than for others.

3. Lack of office equipment

An office is always foreseen with good office equipment. Thinking about a good desk, chair and different screens to work with. This might not be the case in your own home. If the company doesn’t give any compensation to set-up an office space this might be even worse. Spending 40 hours a week in a home office requires a comfortable workspace.

CazVid as a solution to find work at home jobs

Finding work at home jobs can be done in many different ways. You can find them via friends & family, the internet, apps on your phone and many more. We will talk about the most innovative application to help you find work at home jobs from all around the world.

CazVid, is a free, video-based social network for finding jobs or employees.

CazVid is based on short 30-second videos for both employees and employers. As an employer you can watch the video resume of potential candidates and text them within the application. As a job seeker you can watch the 30-second job video and text the potential employer within the application. The goal is to change the outdated method of job offers and resumes in writing. Remember, CazVid will always be free to download, upload videos, contact people/companies and hire people. 

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