finding a job near me

Finding a job near me

Finding a job near me can have a lot of advantages and where to find it is a good question to ask. If you don’t need to travel for a long time to your job, it saves you a lot of time and stress. This question is only relevant if you don’t have the chance to work remotely. In this article we will present old/traditional ways to finding jobs near me, and we will continue with new/innovative ways. Keep on reading if you want an answer to this question. 

Old ways of finding a job near me

Finding jobs has been an ongoing process for centuries, but over time the process to find a job has changed. In this article we elaborate on old/traditional and new/innovative ways of finding a job near me.

1. Referrals

Without the internet and phones, it was hard to find people from far outside your town to work at your company. This made referrals a very powerful way of getting a job, and it is until the day of today. If you are looking for a job close to your place, you should start asking your friends and family from the same town if they know about any job openings. It may get you to the biggest opportunities.

2. Newspaper

The newspaper has been an important source for finding a job. Most newspapers contained different career pages where you could find a job fitting your criteria. Nowadays, this process is mostly done online, but one can still find newspapers with job advertisements.

3. Walking the streets

Have you ever seen a sign ‘we are hiring’? The answer to that question is probably, yes. Even nowadays many small businesses place advertisements in their windows mentioning that they are looking for personnel. You can take half a day walking the streets in a business area to see if you can find any job hiring signs.

4. Cold Calls / Emails

If you want to work in a certain area or for a specific company, you can always look for their email and or phone number to send an email or do a cold call. This is a very direct way and might be much better compared to applying for a certain job they have. You need to have some confidence as this is not for everybody, but you have nothing to lose. It might be a great way to get your dream job.

New/innovative ways to finding a job near me

The Internet is ruling the world in the majority of places on earth, therefore it is important to explain about new and innovative ways to find a job close to you.

1. Google

You can just go to Google and type in ‘find a job near me’ and you will get many search results. You can go over a few of the websites and try to find a job that you like. As soon as you find some interesting jobs, you can continue with the application process by following the steps as explained on their website. Using Google, gives you 100s of different options and might definitely get you a job close to you.

2. Applications

One of the easiest and fastest ways is to use job applications on your cell phone. In this way you will stay connected 24/7 with job alerts. You can be the first one to get to know about a new job near you. There are 100s of job applications and we want to highlight the most innovative job application, called: CazVid. 

CazVid is a free, video-based social media network for finding jobs and employees. 

The goal of CazVid is to change the outdated process of job offers and resumes in writing. Instead, CazVid can be used as the first and only social network for video job postings and video resumes. 

CazVid is free to download, register, post and share videos. CazVid is also free for communication with employers or employees. It is a simple, free and fast to use application, where job seekers record 30-second videos, showcasing their skills, experience and personality. 

The filter option in the application gives you the option to look for a job near you. Don’t wait any longer and download the application right now for free in the App Store or the Google Play Store.

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