how to find your dream job

How To Find Your Dream Job

We are currently living in a world where the lives of people are more and more displayed online. There are a lot of different Social Media platforms where you can share your life and what you do on a daily basis. The younger the generation the more the life is online and the more they are attached to Social Media. The biggest drawback is that the majority is only showing the best parts of their lives. Showing that they are working on their dream life and their dream job. Are you wondering how to find a dream job? Don’t look for it on Social Media, use CazVid instead, an application to find dream jobs all around the world. 

CazVid is a social media based application to find jobs, including finding a dream job. You can find remote jobs, jobs at small companies, jobs at big companies and the most important, you should be able to find a dream job. CazVid is fully based on 30-second videos for both the candidates and the companies. If you want to find a dream job you need to start by uploading a video-resume explaining who you are and what your dream job is. 

For you as a job seeker CazVid can be used to find a dream job in the job section of the application. If you want to find your dream job you must have an approved video resume in the application. The company who is potentially hiring you, will use the video-resume to have a first impression of you as a potential candidate. To be sure your video-resume stands out from the competition you can use the following tips: 

  1. Dress professionally. First impressions are very important. 
  2. Speak loud and clearly. 
  3. Introduce yourself and explain your dream job.
  4. Use body language in your favor. 
  5. Smile

You can create your video-resume within the application or you can make it upfront and upload it in the application itself. Videos cannot be longer than 30 seconds. 

CazVid will always be free to download, upload videos, contacting companies or candidates and to get hired or to hire. The application can be downloaded in the App Store and the Google Play Store. Don’t miss this opportunity to find dream jobs and download CazVid now. 

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