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Where To Find The Job For Me?

We are living in a society with a lot of social pressure. It is expected that you go to school to get good grades. Next, you need to go to University and study to become one of the best to be a doctor, a lawyer or an Engineer. Then when your career starts it is expected that you get a good job with a high pay. It is expected that you make a career and improve yourself day in day out. But the question is what is the job for me and where to find the job for me? What does make me happy and not society, that is where I should focus on. Social Media makes this process even worse as a lot of ‘perfect lives’ are displayed without showing anybody working. Keep on reading to get an answer to the question ‘where to find the job for me?’

Where to find jobs?

There are many ways to find a job that suits your requirements. We are highlighting the 4 most common ways to find the job for you.

1. Traditionally

A traditional way to find jobs is to go to a recruitment agency. You start with an introductory conversation with one of the recruitment agents. During this conversation you will explain your wishes, your skills and your experience. The recruitment agent will use this information to look in their job database to find a job for you.

2. Referrals

A common way to get a job is via a referral, this can be a family member, a friend or somebody out of your professional network. The advantage of a referral is that the person who is referring to you already can tell you a lot about the company and the type of jobs they have. In that way you don’t start from zero and it is more trustworthy. The same yields for the company itself, getting a referral from a (good) employee can relieve the stress of looking for good people. Most of the time people will not make referrals to people who can’t make things happen. In the corporate world referrals can be the key to get your dream jobs or high positions. This makes the necessity for networking very important.

3. Internet

Going to Google and type in ‘find the job for me’ can give you many results about different jobs. Those search results can even be overwhelming, there will be thousands of websites offering you jobs. Companies like Indeed, CompuTrabajo & LinkedIN are always a good choice. Those companies have been in the market for decades and will provide you with good quality jobs and a high quality service. However, this may come with a cost.

4. Job Applications

You probably have your dream job in your pocket without knowing it. If you use your cell phone you can download many job applications to find your perfect job within no time. Applications can make your life easier as you can do all the steps from the comfort of your own home or bed. Just check out the Google Play Store or the App Store and search for job applications. You will find some good options for sure.

Free ways to find a job for me

The majority of people like things that are available for free. The same goes for finding jobs. We already discussed some free options like referrals, the internet and job applications. Here arises the question, which is a good free option to find a job for me? 

To answer that question you can use the free and innovative job application CazVid. CazVid is a recruitment based social media app fully based on videos.

The CazVid App is always free to download, sign up, record a video, within minutes. Don’t wait any longer and check it out, available in both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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