creating a successful video resume

3 Keys To Creating A Successful Video Resume

Creating a successful video resume means creating a video that makes a good impression on the employer such that he feels like hiring you or at least getting to know you.  If you are looking for a job, you want to create an overwhelming, impressive and winning video resume, that is why I am going to mention some practical tips that will make your video resume stand out from the rest.

There are 3 basic keys when making the video resume, which are:

  1. The right environmental conditions
  2. Enthusiastic body language
  3. The correct message

The right environmental conditions to create a successful video resume

This sounds complicated but it is not at all, it is simply recording your video resume in the most appropriate place. A suitable place is one where there is little noise, good light. It would be nice to have a nice or clear background.

Little noise

This is the most important aspect, in the video your voice should be heard clearly, such that the listener doesn’t need to make any effort to understand what you are saying. Try to find a place without children, dogs or cars going by. If there are any, try to find a closed place without neglecting good lightning.

Good lighting

Everybody who makes videos or photos knows that good lightning is essential. A video that looks dark doesn’t give a good impression, it seems that you are hiding and the employer will not be able to see your gestures or your body language. Without good lightning it might be so unprofessional that the employer might not even open the video. 

You don’t need a whole special lighting set, simply look for the place in your house where you have good light entry, this might be in a terrace or garden. If you don’t have the opportunity to make your video resume during the day, be sure that you make the video in front of a strong light.

A nice or clear background

Last important point is a nice and clear background. If where you are going to record in your house is a well-painted wall or one with beautiful pictures, use it. However, if there is not, try to find a white or pale wall to record the video. Be sure you don’t have many objects behind you as they might distract the person who is viewing the video. You want full attention to you and the message you are sending to the world.

Now let’s continue, with the second key.

Enthusiastic body language

Enthusiasm is very important, as nobody wants to hire a boring, sad or lazy person. Any employer is looking for people with a great, energetic, positive and cheerful attitude. These qualities are conveyed through your body language. Body language is what you show with your face and body, the gestures you make with your face, the movements you make with your body and hands, and the tone of voice you use. To simplify this for yourself, speak loudly, quickly and energetically, move your face and body to highlight your enthusiasm.

And finally, the third key is:

The correct message

I have seen many videos and in sending the message many people fail. Most people mention that they want the work, the problem is that everybody wants to work. Be sure to explain why the employer should hire you, you can skip the part that you want to work. The employer is looking for a person who has the attitude and ability to serve and fulfill the tasks assigned. This means that in the video you must show how your skills or experience will help the employer in a specific task.

For example, if you are aspiring to the position of a cleaner, you should mention that you are a very organized person and highly skilled when it comes to cleaning closed spaces and mention that you have worked in cleaning for many years. If you are applying for a sales position, you can mention that you have the talent to connect with people easily. Besides you can say that you helped to generate a lot of sales.

I hope you like these tips and use them in the next video you make inside the CazVid application. You have all ingredients now to make your successful video resume.

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