How to find bilingual video curriculums on CazVid in Bogota, Colombia

As a person interested in hiring someone who speaks two languages, what better idea than to see that person use their bilingual skills in a 30-second video without a prior interview. You can do this on CazVid, searching resumes is very easy.


The first important thing you have to do is to download the App, available on Android and App Store. After completing the registration process, you will have access to a 24/7 virtual job fair. You can search with keywords such as “bilingual” to filter the video resumes that will be displayed at the top of the page.


It is more attractive for job seekers to be able to see and meet their employers. That is why it is important that at the time of registration, you record a 30-second video with the important aspects of your company and the types of requirements you are looking for in a person for your bilingual position.


CazVid is always free for job seekers and employers to record relevant video posts, communicate, and get hired. After viewing all the options of people looking for jobs and finding the ones you are interested in hiring, on Cazvid you can communicate with them directly and set up an interview, all for free through the app.


The app is designed for remote workers and local employees. It takes 30 seconds to sign up, 30 seconds to record a video, and just minutes to start communicating with potential employees.