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Video resume in English and Spanish

It’s no secret that if you speak English, your chances of getting hired for a job position increases substantially. But is simply stating that you speak English on a resume enough? Or is it enough to make a video resume in Spanish and claim that you know how to speak English? Without a clear demonstration of your language skills, we believe that it’s insufficient to convince employers, that’s why we suggest recording a video resume in English!

The importance of a video resume in English

The current push for globalization has encouraged schools and universities to make English a compulsory subject. The educational system is well aware that a bilingual population is a far greater competitive force within the labor market.

Globalized companies, multinationals, those in expansion, exporters, or those that have franchises in various parts of the world, need their employees to speak English at a reasonable level so as to broaden their range of options.

This reality applies to not only large companies, but also to smaller ones. A restaurant in a tourist area, a small hotel, or any business that involves personalized attention to the public, regardless of the nationality of the clients, also needs English speakers to meet its objectives.

In the recruitment processes of qualified personnel, a video resume in English that accompanies a job presentation video in Spanish is not only a good idea, but is often mandatory. This type of video offers employers a clear idea of your English speaking level (or any another language). Through audio and visual, they will not only see, but also hear you speak which provides the fastest and most efficient method of assessing your professional profile to be selected as a finalist.

How to make a video resume in English

Although making a job presentation video in English is technically the same as making a video resume in Spanish, it’s important that you take into account the following recommendations:

  • Level of English: if your application states that you’re an advanced English speaker, be prepared to prove it. Many often make the mistake of claiming to be more advanced than they really are, and it takes only a few spoken sentences to reveal the truth. So don’t exaggerate or lie, if you have a basic or intermediate level or proficiency, express it. 
  • Write a script: We highly recommend that you first create a script or a general outline for your video resume before you even start recording. There’s nothing worse than having a video sprinkled with awkward pauses and irrelevant information. A script will help ensure that you stay on point and present a confident presentation.
  • Think in English, not like Google Translate: Since English isn’t your native language, we know that thinking in English can be very difficult. But it’s important to not simply write out text in your native language to then translate to English without considering how ideas and word choices will make the transfer. As it is, some things simply get lost in translation. So if you’re trying to demonstrate your language skills in a video, be sure to put yourself in the shoes of a native English speaker.
  • Rehearse: Once you’ve settled on what you’re going to say in your English video resume, read it out loud. Repetition is the mother of skill after all. Rehearse, record yourself, and play it back. By hearing yourself speak, you’ll have a much better gauge of knowing whether you’re on the right track or not.
  • Ask for opinions: Do you know a fluent English speaker? Ask for their opinion! In fact, before even posting or sending out your video with your applications, share it with your bilingual friends for feedback.

CazVid: the online platform to upload your English Video CV

Already have an English video resume and looking for a platform to upload it? Some job seekers may keep it on their local hard drives or cloud storage to be accessed for when the situation arises, but what if you could upload your video in English on a platform exclusively designed for work videos? As it is, most of the popular job sites and apps don’t even have the option to upload a video resume, and if they do, it’s not the priority.

Our App, on the other hand, allows you to be part of a community with its own digital ecosystem, designed to search for work and job seekers exclusively with video. Just as Google is known for being a search engine, and Zoom is known for video conference calls, Cazvid is the place where you can share and search for jobs and employees through a video only format.

Do you need employers to find your video resume in both English and Spanish? Without a doubt, CazVid offers an incredibly user friendly interface without all the complicated forms, and the best part is that it’s free to download and use on both Android and Apple devices. 

To sum it all up, having a video resume in English and also in Spanish greatly improves your chances of being hired. Companies know that if they receive an application with both of these videos in addition to the traditional resume and job cover letter, that candidate is definitely worth considering. It also conveys to the employer your level of dedication and passion which is a huge plus.

The reality is, a good attitude isn’t measured in words alone. The video resume in English and Spanish has become an essential part of a competitive job profile which measures your attitude with actions. Our hope is to connect your gifts, job narrative, skills, and above all, the occupational value you have with the needs of thousands of companies that are looking for a candidate like you.