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Creating Video Resumes

Companies are always looking for new ways to maximize efficiency through the use of the latest technology, that’s why it’s no surprise at all that video resumes are growing in popularity each and every day. But what is a video resume and what makes it superior to the traditional written resume?

To put it simply, a video resume is a 2 minute or less video that summarizes your job profile for employers to view even before an in-person interview is scheduled. Unlike a written resume, video is capable of conveying body posture, verbal communication skills, and enthusiasm which is often considered more important to an employer than a list of previous job experiences and skill sets on a black & white page.

That being said, the curriculum vitae would still be of use, but only after the preliminary selection process has been made and it would provide all the in depth details of your qualifications, past experience and education. The video resume on the other hand is a powerful first impression tool that encourages candidates to show off their personality so as to stand out and grab the employer’s attention!

Creating video resume

Making a video CV is not only fast, but incredibly easy to do. Here’s some tips to help guide you in creating your first video resume:

  • Write a script or a general outline of what you’d like to say using words that are clear & concise. A good start is to first introduce yourself and then springboard into your past work experience, education, why you’re interested in the position, etc.
  • Practice rehearsing through it a few times until it feels natural and comfortable. Body language says a lot so make sure to smile and have fun with it! Remember, you’ve got nothing to lose, but a lot to gain.
  • Give some thought to the audio & visuals (it’s video afterall)! Everything from lighting, clothing, and the location you’re recording at can either work for or against you. A good rule of thumb is to have a well lit and quiet environment.
  • Get inspired! Take some time to watch other people’s video resumes to get some ideas.

The top, free platforms to create video resumes


Famous for its versatility and favoritism in the creation of all kinds of videos, Wideo is an online tool that solves how to make a video resume with the platform’s own resources, but also with your own recordings that you want to incorporate. It is a paid tool, but it offers a free version with numerous templates.


Another tool where you can customize, use images, videos and text, is Videolean. The editor of this tool is made to make video resume online without complications, but without losing quality. Here you have the option of structuring the topics that you consider important by scenes; use templates, even download them, or create ones that suit your style and the job you are looking for.


Powton is a platform designed to create videos of all kinds without the need for experience. With this tool, you can use resources, templates, animations, photos, external videos, and it is ideal to explain your experience, knowledge and application in a visually attractive way. Although it is not a website specialized in creating video resumes, you have the advantage of exploring your creativity and generating quite professional results.

Your Video CV Online

With Your video CV online you can create your video resume in a practical and free way. The tool is intuitive and offers you real-time guidance to structure the video CV by topic in parts: presentation, training and knowledge, experience, and your contribution to the company in case you are hired.


With Pitchreel, you can make a professional, minimalist video resume quickly and easily. This App offers you 2 minutes of video, tutorial and accompaniment in the process, with resources such as animations, clip art, templates, and downloads in good definition. One of its most interesting aspects is that it allows you to create a video resume online in a playful way to convey your message in a friendly way.

Cazvid: an exclusive platform for video CVs

From among all the platforms where you could create & upload your video resume, the Cazvid app is simply the best in that it offers applications as well as jobs through a video-only format. Not only do candidates get to share their experience & personality through a video resume, but employers themselves can share job listing videos. Cazvid is also completely free to download, sign up, record videos, upload videos, and communicate with others.