How to Create a Video Resume if I am shy? How to Create a Video Resume if I don’t want to be seen on camera?

Video Resume is not just about being seen on camera.  Believe it or now, you can record and publish a video resume even if you are camera shy, and you can do it for free, and get hired on the CazVid free employment video-base app.

Not that we don’t want to see you, but here at CazVid we believe that video resumes are the best way to land a job – even if you do not want to be seen.

The CazVid platform is about giving employers free access to Video cover letters and video resumes.  Employers want to hear your voice, hear your enthusiasm and sense your personality even if they can’t see you.

For example, you can include your voice to demonstrate the ability to be a great call center employee or a customer service rep.  Many call center employees these days work from home.  Record a CazVid  voice-only video resume to show that you have the perfect setting at home with a phone, computer and a quiet area.  You don’t need to show yourself.  Just by speaking in a video resume and submitting your CazVid video to employers, you can demonstrate that you are the perfect “voice” for the job.

CazVid is a free, video-only, video-resume, video-cover letter, and video-job-postings app.

Employers and employees can interact on the platform without traditional written resumes and traditional written job postings.  The concept of CazVid is simple and still unique.  In today’s digital world, and work-from home, the voice and personality of the candidates, for some jobs, is by far more important than the candidates’ written CV.

Employers want to know that they are not wasting their time in interviews and that they are inviting people to interviews have great energy and personality.  The CazVid free video-resume app is about personality.

CazVid is the best first impression for employers and employees. CazVid is always free to sign up, record a video, communicate with other, hire and get hired.