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Hiring Server & Bartenders in Phoenix, AZ

Hire servers & bartenders in Phoenix Arizona with CazVid

Are you looking to employ servers and/or bartenders for your restaurant, cafe, or bar in Phoenix or throughout the Maricopa County area? With CazVid, you can quickly create and share job listing videos for candidates to see!

CazVid is a free, video-only, job matching app where job listings and resumes are all 30 second or less videos that can be recorded right in the CazVid app. It’s easy and free to do! Simply download the CazVid app and soon you’ll be connected with job seekers from throughout the Phoenix, Arizona area!

The CazVid app is always free and is available for download now on iPhone and Android devices.


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Cleaner Job Listings on CazVid

CazVid Cleaner Job Posting

Looking to hire a housekeeper to tidy up while you’re out at work? Looking to have your carpets or air ducts cleaned? Need a custodian for your office building? Whatever cleaning service you might want, CazVid is the perfect resource for finding the right help fast! Just record and share a free job listing video on CazVid’s video-only, employment marketplace for candidates to see. Applicants will respond with a short 30 second video resume. It’s that easy and it’s free!

Download CazVid now for iPhone & Android | CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD CAZVID

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CazVid | The Best Resource for Employment

CazVid Free Job Posting

Are you a recruiter, head hunter,  or employer that’s looking to find qualified help fast? Look no further than the free job board app, CazVid!

The CazVid app expedites the process of employment by doing away with the traditional format of written job listings, instead, all job postings are short 30 second videos that job seekers can watch. In addition, all resumes are video resumes which makes the employment screening process fast and easy! CazVid is simply the best tool for recruiters, head hunters, and hiring managers, and the best part is that it’s always free to use!

CazVid is available on both the iPhone and Android | Click Here to Download Now!

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