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Interview with Natalia Sierra, CEO & Founder of Contratamos Complementos

In this interview, Jan Sytze Heegstra (CazVid's Business Development Manager) talks  with Natalia Sierra, the CEO and Founder of Contratamos Complementos, about her experience and success with using the CazVid employment app for finding and hiring employees.

Highlighted quotes from the interview:

"The most winning feature of CazVid is that the CVs are made up of short video clips. This allows you to get closer to the candidate."

"It's very easy to log-in and manage the candidates."

"With CazVid there is a direct approach to the employee because there is a kind of chat or active mailbox to send messages to the candidates."

"It is very easy to get started with the platform. Registration is very easy. Other platforms ask for a lot of corporate documentation before posting job offers."


Interview is in Spanish. Below is an English translation of the interview.

Jan: How are you?

Natalia: Super good, and you? How's everything going?

Jan: All good as always. Thanks for taking the time to meet me today.

Natalia: Thank you.

Jan: Perfect, so you have already hired someone that you found through CazVid, right?

Natalia: Yes

Jan: Of course, perfect. Today I want to take some time to talk about your experiences with CazVid and to show the new users what the experience of a user who has already used it is like.So, can we start with who you are? Can you introduce yourself and tell us what your company does?

Natalia: Of course. So, I am Natalia Gavia, the founder and CEO of Contratamos Complement. We are an organization dedicated to human capital management for other companies. We handle the entire process, from recruitment, selection, hiring, payroll administration, social security, provisioning, and everything else with the personnel, and we send them on missions to other companies. Generally, the hires are for operational profiles, but we have some clients for whom we provide administrative assistant profiles, accounting assistants, administrative assistants, and operational leaders as an additional support.

Jan: So you handle the entire process, from looking for candidates to hiring?

Natalia: Yes, sir.

Jan: Very well, and how did you come to know about CazVid?

Natalia: Well, I found out about CazVid because they contacted me through a WhatsApp message. They invited me to join and get to know the platform, and seeing our need—because as I mentioned, we are dedicated to hiring, so we are constantly recruiting and selecting—I joined, got to know it, and found it interesting.

Jan: Perfect, and why did you decide to try the CazVid platform?

Natalia: Well, the winning feature of CazVid is that the resumes are presented through a short video, which I find very appealing because it gives you an initial contact with the candidate.

Jan: And what other tools have you used before, from other platforms, to find candidates?

Natalia: Well, Computrabajo, Okey Empleo, and we also use the public employment service. Those are basically the ones we rely on. And, well, LinkedIn too.

Jan: And what problems did you have with those platforms?

Natalia: Well, with the public employment service, when there is management from the advisors, there are good results with the candidates who apply. If there is no intermediary, sometimes candidates don't even apply. With Computrabajo, it's more a matter of costs, and on the other hand, you can't respond directly to the candidates, right?

Jan: Yes, that's correct. So, what benefits have you obtained from CazVid that you don't get with other platforms?

Natalia: Well, as I mentioned, the fact that you have direct contact with the employee because there is a kind of chat or active voice message system to send messages to the candidate. That is one benefit, and it is very user-friendly and easy to access, understand, and manage job vacancies.

Jan: How easy is it to start with CazVid?

Natalia: Actually, it's very easy. The registration is super easy, for example. Another thing I noticed compared to other platforms is that they ask for a lot of corporate documentation to give you access and publish offers. I didn't find that with CazVid, so it's easier to get started with CazVid—faster and simpler.

Jan: And how does CazVid influence your recruitment strategies and candidate collection?

Natalia: Well, with CazVid, we already have hired personnel, which was our first approach with the platform. From there, we found the candidates for the position we were trying to fill at that moment. This hiring was done with a candidate from CazVid.

Jan: Perfect, and what are the most valuable functions according to you?

Natalia: I insist that definitely, the fact that the candidate has the opportunity to introduce themselves and you can see them through the short video is the platform's most valuable tool.

Jan: Well, and how many vacancies do you currently have posted on CazVid?

Natalia: At the moment, we have vacancies for accounting assistant, maintenance, administrative assistant, and chambermaid.

Jan: And have you received responses to these job offers?

Natalia: For some of the vacancies, yes, sir.

Jan: Perfect, and have you been able to hire someone through CazVid? For which position was this vacancy?

Natalia: Yes, it was for the administrative assistant position in a hotel.

Jan: Can you describe the position you were looking to fill and how you used CazVid to find this candidate?

Natalia: Of course. The main functions of the administrative assistant at this hotel are inventory management, guest registration and attention, minibar support, assistance to the housekeeper in laundry and inventory tasks, filing, and petty cash management.

Jan: How did you find this candidate?

Natalia: Well, first I posted the job offer, but then I did some self-management and looked at the people applying for the position. I reviewed the short videos, some candidates caught my attention, I sent them a message to contact me, they sent me their phone numbers, I called them, and they sent me their resumes. From there, we did an initial profiling, followed by the interview, and eventually went through the entire process until we hired one of them.

Jan: How can you compare this hiring experience with other platforms? How was it different?

Natalia: It was much closer, more direct with the candidate. The distance between the candidate and the company was smaller. It was definitely a faster response and a closer interaction from the very beginning. For example, with other platforms, you have to download the resumes, but with CazVid, the video feature is the most beneficial.

Jan: Is it easier to review all the candidates as well?

Natalia: Yes, definitely.

Jan: Perfect, that's all for now, but I also want to ask what additional features you would like to see in CazVid as a recruiter? What functions interest you in having?

Natalia: Maybe in the candidate's profile, having a bit more information regarding their work profile because there's more personal information than work profile information. Maybe if they could describe their work experience a bit more extensively.

Jan: Would you prefer this in written form or video form?

Natalia: Well, they mention it in the video, but sometimes the video is too short for the information to be sufficient to decide if this is the right person or not.

Jan: So, it could be in the description to add a bit more detail about their experience?

Natalia: Yes, definitely.

Jan: Perfect, and do you have any recommendations for new CazVid users to improve their experience with CazVid?

Natalia: Well, the first thing is to give it a try. It is a very user-friendly platform, and you definitely find candidates from all over with all kinds of profiles. So, my first recommendation is to get to know it.

Jan: It's very straightforward; there's nothing you need to share with others?

Natalia: Yes, it's very straightforward because, as I mentioned earlier, with other platforms, they ask for a lot of corporate documentation, which can be cumbersome. With CazVid, we didn't have such cumbersome processes to access the platform.

Jan: Very well. If you don't have any additional questions or comments, we can wrap up. I want to thank you very much for your time today.

Natalia: Thank you.

Jan: Thank you for being so attentive during the process. The support has been very effective.

Natalia: You know you can always count on me for anything you need with CazVid. We now have a notification system, so when you message a candidate, you'll get a faster response. If you need anything to improve your experience with CazVid and facilitate your recruitment process, you can always reach out to me.

Jan: I know, I've always found a response. Thank you very much.

Natalia: Thank you, take care. Goodbye.

Jan: Goodbye.

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