Post a free gig request in a video format, and get more freelancers without paying any fees

Why pay fees when you are looking for a freelancer for your gig?

Why presenting your gig in the old fashion traditional written posts?

Record a video of your gig needs.  Record a video of your short term employment opportunity.  Show case yourself and your needs.  Get more interest.  Hire freelancers. AND don’t pay any fees.

How does it make sense?

The remote opportunities of finding freelancers from across the globe has been known for a while.  However some platforms charge fees that add up.

Also some platforms prevent the free communication between the freelancer and the job provider, again, for the sake of getting “a cut.”

CazVid – stands for Casual Video – is changing the way gigs are being presented and the way gig-freelancers match is being established.

Need a help with your project?  Post a short video, for free, on the CazVid app.

Offer services? Post a short video, also for free, on the CazVid app.

Then, get matched.  Once you find each other, agree on the scope of work and the payments and make it happen, without any fees taken by the CazVid platform.

Gigs and freelancers can take charge of their needs and offerings with recording multiple videos and communicate directly with each other on the CazVid free job resume and job posting video app.



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