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Why does the Cazvid approach facilitate the search for employees?

Despite the fact that there are many digital tools available today for finding employees, businesses still face a number of obstacles: How can I make the hiring process as efficient as possible? How can I expedite that procedure while still saving money? What method can I employ to evaluate the candidates’ interpersonal, communication, and soft skills without going through a ton of resumes and in-person interviews? And most importantly, how can I avoid going through a drawn-out and tiresome hiring process in order to make wise decisions? The Cazvid technique will enable you to respond to these inquiries.

Prior understanding of the Cazvid approach is essential

It is crucial that you comprehend four basic terms before using the method if you are a representative of a company’s human resources department or work for a recruitment agency. These terms are: video resume; Cazvid; video job board; and video job advertisement.

Are you able to see where we’re headed already? We’ll see:

  • A digital portal where all available positions and resumes are in video format. We are discussing an area where neither standard job announcements (fixed picture) nor written resumes are used, despite the fact that written resumes are used in some parts of the process.
  • In a 30- to 1-minute-long video job announcement, the employer introduces the business and details the position being offered. Advantage: Prospective employees can learn a little bit about the employer and the business.
  • In a 30- to 1-minute-long video CV, the applicant justifies why his work profile is the best fit for the position. Advantage: It demonstrates the attitude, personality, soft skills, and communication abilities that employers look for in candidates.
  • The app that is all of the above is called Cazvid. Advantage: encourages wise decisions by further optimizing hiring procedures for both employers and prospects.

Simple, yes? Let’s now examine the Cazvid method’s components.

The Cazvid method’s goals

There is no technique if there is no objective. Chaos happens when there is no purpose. Consequently, the Cazvid technique has a number of very clear goals:

  • Using a mobile application, streamline the hiring process in a quicker and more efficient manner.
  • Help you make the best decisions throughout your hiring processes by giving you the opportunity to learn more about potential employees before hiring them, without the need to conduct extensive interviews.
  • Save money on expenses associated with hiring workers, such as printing many resumes and forms, providing catering for countless in-person interviews, creating countless job advertising that typically say nothing, etc.
  • Save yourself the time it takes to organize hundreds of personal interviews and look through hundreds of resumes.

Everyone at a minimum has a smartphone that can record videos. How should you start your video? We guarantee that the procedure is less difficult than completing a drawn-out written form, developing a written profile, and conducting written advertising. There’s no denying that video simplifies the process.

Using Cazvid to discover employees

Describe a method. Let’s keep it simple: a method is a manner of carrying out an action. It necessitates actions or processes. It is a series of events. To put it simply, every approach offers you a plan, a strategy, or a path to get where you’re going.

In this regard, there is no possibility to standardize any hiring procedures using the Cazvid Method. In other words, it is dynamic, adaptable, and takes into account the objectives, job profile, and sectoral needs. It is crucial to consider a work schedule in order to make all of the aforementioned practicable. We’ll see:

Step 1: Register with Cazvid

The first step in using the Cazvid technique to find workers is to register as a user on the site. Only an email and a password are required, making it very simple and quick. You may use all of Cazvid’s features and reap its advantages after you register. Both Apple and Android have access to it.

By registering as a user on Cazvid, you may submit job offers that include brief films that describe the duties and responsibilities of the position. Candidates will thus be able to learn more about you and determine whether they match your requirements. The software will also allow you to directly message the applicants and watch their presentation videos.

Step 2: Create a video job offer

The next step is to record your job offer video once you have your username. You can describe your needs and your offerings in a little video that lasts between 30 and 60 seconds. You can upload a prepared movie or record the video using the camera on your mobile device. The video’s clarity, cohesion, and aesthetic appeal are crucial. The applicants need to be drawn in, and you need to demonstrate why they should choose to work with you. Here are some pointers for taking quality video:

  • Give your name and the name of your business when you introduce yourself.
  • Describe the kind of employment you offer, the responsibilities the employee will have, and the conditions that must be satisfied.
  • Showcase your company’s advantages, such as pay, working conditions, hours, and career chances.
  • Describe how interested parties can get in touch with you, whether it be by phone, email, or an app.
  • Be amiable, competent, and eager.

Step  3: Post your offer video

Once your video is prepared, the next step is to publish it on the platform so that the appropriate candidates may see it. You only need to submit the video to the app, select the work’s category, and location. As a result, you will be able to segment your target market and raise your chances of hiring the best candidate. A written summary with further information about the offer may also be included. Within minutes of publishing your film, you’ll start getting requests.

Step 4: Examine the candidates’s videos

By displaying the applicant presentations that best fit your offer, Cazvid streamlines the selection process. You will be able to get a first-person view of their motivation, personality, and soft skills in this method. Additionally, you can filter them based on other factors like availability, experience, or training. By avoiding reviewing a ton of resumes or holding pointless interviews, you can save time and money.

Step 5: Speak with the candidates you’re interested in

You can message a candidate through the app if you come across a video that piques your interest, set up an interview, and ask for their written résumé. As a result, you will be able to learn more about him and get any questions you may have answered. Contact with Cazvid is direct and free of middlemen. You won’t have to wait or deal with any hassles in order to speak with applicants.

Why is the Cazvid technique of worker search more efficient, quicker, and less expensive?

The following considerations show why the Cazvid technique is superior to other ways of finding workers in terms of effectiveness, speed, and cost:

  • To get to the personal interview, you avoid a drawn-out pre-selection process and reading a ton of resumes.
  • Your job offers in the form of videos help you draw in candidates and clearly and directly communicate your value proposition, which also enables the candidate to make wise judgments.
  • Using the Cazvid approach, you can view the workers’ introductory videos and assess soft skills, personality, attitude, motives, ways of expressing oneself, dominant impressions, and appearance—skills that are never listed on a résumé.
  • By avoiding contacting people who don’t suit your requirements, you can save time and resources by filtering the workers according to various criteria.
  • Users of the Cazvid technique can save money by not having to pay to promote their offers or access worker databases.


In summary, the Cazvid method is a creative and effective approach for the job market and staffing firms. Using this approach, you may hire workers quickly, efficiently, and affordably while maximizing the potential of video as a tool for communication. In order to choose and hire the finest profiles, it is important to demonstrate and observe the applicants’ abilities, personalities, and motivations. The Cazvid App is also free for users, simple to use, and has results that can be independently verified.

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