Video Resumes meet Video Job Listings on the employment matching platform CazVid

In the land of matching apps: dating, buying and selling products, or finding nearby activities, employment matching needed a 2021 update.

It is time to move beyond the traditional written resumes and written job postings to a free, quicker, and better matching platform for employment.

CazVid is a video presentation of job listings and job seekers.  Employers can sign up in 15 seconds and record a video, describing a job opening in 30 seconds.  Next, employers can reach out directly to job candidates, via the CazVid app.  Its free, simple, quick, and easy.

Job seekers are invited to do the same.  Candidates can sign up in 15 seconds, and record a 30 second casual video (CazVid), describing themselves.  Next, job candidates can find job openings, and message the hiring managers directly, via the CazVid app. CazVid is always free for job candidates to post videos and communicate with employers.

According to Scott Meloeny, the Co-Founder & President of Greenhorn Training Solutions and a business development executive with CazVid, “CazVid is a market disrupter for the current workforce development structure.  Utilizing the most innovative technology, job seekers and employers will be connected in a way that saves time, money, and energy, advancing and modernizing the existing archaic workforce process.”  Scott and his company have partnered with CazVid to help his clients reach more qualified job candidates.

Employment Matching