Overcome the “Employee market” with a video-based job opening. Its free to post a video job listing on CazVid

Here we are just a few days before Superbowl 2022, and a few things are not normal.  Brady will not be in the Superbowl, Rogers didn’t make the cut either, and the job market is going nuts.

We have all observed and its been written over and over how the job market is in a unique position.  It is an employee market.  Employees quit their jobs before they even have another one lined up.  Employees, even in entry level position, come to the negotiation tables with employers and demand much greater hourly pay, and job seekers for all job openings are just in the highest shortage we have ever seen.

How can you, the employer, overcome the greatest “employee market” of all time?

Just like a buyer’s market, where buyers are in the driver’s seat in real estate.  Just like the current seller’s market, where sellers of real estate can easily get multiple real estate offers over the asking price, we are currently in the “employee market” area.

Job seekers are in the driver’s seat.  You, the employer, have to grab their attention to find employees.

Do it with a video-based job posting.  And post your job listing (in a video format) on the free CazVid Video-based job board.

Why video-based job listing?

Research shows that although paying more money to employees is attractive, and although giving greater benefits to employees can make them stay, at the end of the day, employees stay because they like who they are working for.   Employers choose employees that they like.  period.  Employees and job seekers do the same.  Job seekers are more likely to apply for a job if they feel a great connection with the hiring manager and their future boss.

In a video-based job opening, you, the employer, can show your likeability.  and yes, according to google, likeability is a word.   Regardless, you get the point.  You, the employer, can show yourself and your place of business and invite job seekers to apply to work for your company.

Also, the CazVid app is a place where you can search video resumes.  At no charge to you, the hiring manager, you can view plenty of video resumes and decide who you want to approach.  On CazVid you can search video resumes, and initiate conversation with job seekers at no charge to you.   Check out the great benefits of the free CazVid app with its job listings in video format and video resumes.


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