Hiring for a Fun Job or Fun Working Environment – Post a Free CazVid Video Job Opening Listing

When all traditional written job listings look the same, let your job opening “BE SEEING!”

As our friend, Jimmy Kindred (a marketing expert) describes the CazVid app: “Be Seeing”. Jimmy is right in that after awhile, traditional written resumes and job postings begin to appear the same; they all have similar descriptions, compensation plans and key words. But with CazVid, both candidates and job listings can now standout. They can appear differently and even smell (positive smell) differently and – eh – well, we haven’t actually figured out the smell part yet, but we’ve got the audible & visual!

CazVid is a free video job postings and a free video resume platform.  If you are looking for employees, and especially if your work environment is fun, different and exciting, post a free CazVid video of your job opening.  Show off your place of business and explain in a quick video why the best candidates should apply to work with you.

Check out the free platform for video job listings and video resumes on CazVid.com

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