CazVid – the only – video only – job board – for job postings and resumes

CazVid is the first, to the best of our knowledge, and still the only (to the best of our knowledge 🙂 , true job postings and job resumes that are all video based.  CazVid, started in 2020, is the only app, where users can download, sign up, record a quick 30 second video, and communicate with other users, all for free, and is the only video-selfie-based app that is solely dedicated to job resumes, job postings, business opportunities, short term gigs, and other income opportunities.

There are plenty of other websites and apps dedicated for job openings, and resume banks; however, a lot of them are very expensive, and none of them have the simplicity and ease of use of CazVid.  CazVid believes that with today’s culture of quick selfie videos and with today’s technology, it is time to dedicate a free-to-use app to job matching based on the video resume and video job postings of the users.

Check out the CazVid app in the app store and the google play store.