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CazVid Soon to Launch Web Browser Application

In the past, the only option to look for employment and employees was to publish in a local newspaper where businesses printed job openings. Job seekers, on the other hand, read these advertisements and went to the businesses to present their resumes in a folder. Due to the development of new information technologies, applying for a job now involves posting a cold, impersonal job offer on a social network or online platform and sending an email with a corresponding impersonal digital résumé.

Wesley Bouwmeester, the COO or chief operating officer of CazVid, observes a change in both job searching and hiring practices.

We are talking about the first and largest social network of employers and applicants who use the video format to promote jobs or apply for a vacancy. CazVid represents and is a pioneer of that transformation. To put it another way, picture TikTok and Tinder combined, but with the goal of bringing employers and job seekers together.

The only program with access to more than 200,000 candidates is CazVid, which specializes in job offers and resumes in video format. Although it is a free employment app, it also provides guidance. Short videos of candidates are an excellent way for employers to quickly assess their personality, attitude, communication skills, and language proficiency. This method was developed to streamline the hiring process, incorporate new tools, and help employers make better decisions.

According to Bouwmeester, this strategy has changed the rules of the game in the labor market and promises to adapt to the younger generations' modes of interaction, communication, and relationship-building. We spoke with the operations director of Cazvid to learn more about what CazVid is, what it means for the labor market today, and how multimedia job postings and resumes via CazVid may advance human talent management on a worldwide scale.

What is CazVid and how did the concept for a video job search and application for employment come about? 

WB: CazVid is a free job application. All resumes and job offers on CazVid are brief 30-second videos, which is a significant distinction between it and the other job and worker search platforms. Written resumes are an outdated tool that fails to generate a good first impression on potential employers or employees. CazVid was created specifically to close the vast gaps left by conventional methods of hiring workers by emphasizing the human side of candidates and employers in a more alluring and exciting way. With video, you can observe things that aren't presented in written or digital resumes or traditional job advertisements.

What benefits does CazVid provide for the present job market, particularly in light of how businesses are being transformed by technology and the digital age?

WB: Everything being based on video fits with today's culture. People experience attention deficit disorder, which is brought on by modern business dynamics and new forms of communication. We are reading less and writing less because we have less time. Additionally, research indicates that a significant portion of resumes are not even written by the candidates themselves but rather by third parties or online apps. Even worse, there is a propensity to fabricate or exaggerate these CVs, which hinders an accurate evaluation of the individuals' skills. The ideal solution for this is video. The person is the one who is shown. Their speech pattern, manner of expressing concepts, appearance, and attitude. So CazVid should be the next popular video-based application (social network), but one that is geared toward the employment market.

How has CazVid changed in the eyes of users over the past two years? What methods were used to achieve this growth?

WB: The number of users has surpassed 200,000. We are developing a web version of the app to enhance the user experience and speed up growth. The management of possible candidates for job listings will be much simpler for recruiters with the addition of new capabilities in this version. On the other hand, we strive to develop a culture in which using video as a technique for hiring employees is accepted and understood. It's critical that candidates and employers alike get the value, advantages, and benefits of using video in the selection process.

What kind of businesses could use CazVid as a tool to evaluate skills that cannot be evaluated on a conventional resume?

WB: CazVid can be used by everyone, there are no limits. From small jobs to full-time executive positions. Companies who often hire in fields where personality and presentation matter will get the greatest benefits from CazVid. Consider restaurants, hotels, pubs, call centers, sales, and modeling. CazVid may be used by all industries and businesses because, in truth, all employment involves dealing with people. You recruit people, not machines, as a business. People who get along with others in a particular way, have clearly defined personality traits, and have modes of expression. You can evaluate these characteristics using CazVid to see if they align with the values and culture of your organization.

What benefits does using a video resume as a hiring tool offer businesses or employers?

WB: It's a quick, simple, and engaging method to meet a potential employer or employee. First impressions, which are very significant, are not included in written resumes or job offers. Despite having the worst resume ever written, someone might be the ideal candidate for your firm based on how they promote themselves. Before hiring a salesperson or even before the in-person interview, do you want to watch them in action? You can advertise your job opening on CazVid by posting a video informing applicants that the key criteria is that they record themselves selling your goods. With CazVid, you can assess how a candidate communicates the core idea of your product in front of the camera as if he were speaking to a client. This exercise will never appear on a printed résumé. neither in a face-to-face interview.

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Can you describe the CazVid strategy to video engagement and what it entails for us?

The strategy used by CazVid can be compared to a blend of Tinder and TikTok. If you have a video that has been authorized, you can start conversing with someone after seeing a few brief films in your region. The advantage of this strategy is that it expedites the hiring process and saves time and money. You can perform a preliminary screening or candidate filtering with video rather than reviewing hundreds of print or digital resumes. Next, you choose your top candidates, request their resumes, and get in touch with them to arrange a meeting. You conserve time, money, and resources. This is advantageous given the limited time HR managers have to devote to these procedures.

What future plans does CazVid have? What updates or additions are you working on or planning?

Our major priority is the desktop version. This was the most frequent request from companies and recruiters to simplify and speed the hiring process. In addition, we intend to connect CazVid with Agency-Leads, our sister business. Recruiters and employment agencies can locate potential clients who currently use or have previously utilized staffing services by using the lead generation technology known as Agency-Leads. Therefore, the job of a recruiter is made easier than ever if we pair such job offers with pre-qualified prospects. The ultimate solution will be a complete package that will serve as a vital resource for all recruiters across all nations and productive industries. That is why our motto will be “why use anything else?”