The “big difference” with a CazVid Video Resume

The best way to get started with a video resume is… to… get… started.
There are a number of platforms that offer video resume services, and CazVid is definitely the best one. Why?

Cazvid has been used by artists, graphic designers, videographers, animators, and more.
It is a powerful alternative to the traditional paper resume (and sometimes all you need!) Traditional resumes do not show the “real you.” Video resumes show your personality, charisma, and enthusiasm for your profession.

CazVid is the only platform in the U.S. (to the best of our knowledge) where all resumes and job listings are in video format.
All other platforms in the U.S. are video-friendly, but still accept the traditional paper resume.
CazVid has a growing reputation among students and professionals as one of the best ways to get noticed.
CazVid is a serious service for people seeking entry level or higher level jobs in creative fields.
It is NOT a joke video resume service.

The Video Resume allows you to showcase your talents and skills in an entertaining, professional way.
You can use the Video Resume to apply for jobs, update your profile and personal information, or find novice freelancers.

And the best news is… CazVid is always free to use. The CazVid app, available on iphone and android, is free to down load. It is free, and take only 15 seconds to sign up. It is always free to record a video resume or a video job postings, and you can start communicating with employers immediately.

Check out the website.