What to Say in Your Student Video Resume?

Video resumes are a must for any student who is looking to be hired for a full time, part time, and gig-type positions.  There are plenty of websites for you to search job openings, but be PROACTIVE and post a Student Video Resume on may free apps and websites, such as the CazVid app.

Traditional written resumes fail to showcase an applicant’s personality and communication skills which is typically what an employer is looking for.  With all due respect to the students who got great grades in college and participated in all the extracurricular activities, ALL student have the same credentials.

How to differentiate yourself?  Have a kick-bottom student video resume.

CazVid is the casual video presentation of student who are looking full time and part time positions. CazVid is the video resume, video cover letter, and video showcase of students.  No other app or website, presents you, the student, in a video format only; that’s why employers love CazVid to be able to screen potential students before they even invite them to interviews. What to say in your Student Video Resume?

  1. Mention that you are looking for: what position.  You will be surprised how many video resumes of students fail to mention that they love the field they want to get into.  Be clear what position you are seeking.
  2. Mention that you are looking for ONLY that position.  Why? you are asking.   So many video resumes of student include the job seekers mentioning that they are looking for any position: sales, marketing, operations, etc…  Employers who are hiring certain positions, want to see that you are looking for the same position only.
  3. And above all, explain how you are excited, motivated, driven.   Video Resume was meant to show you as the perfect “energetic candidate.”  

So, with those 3 points of advice, should I have multiple video resumes?


On CazVid you can upload multiple video resumes FOR FREE.  Have each video resume recorded with a specific position and a few specific industries in mind.  With CazVid, anyone can open a free account, record a video for free, and reach many employers.


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