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Advantages of Video Marketing for Businesses Trying to Hire

One of the most significant trends in the digital world is video marketing. The goal is to entertain, inform, and communicate with the audience through the use of video. In this post, we'll concentrate on one of the many uses and advantages of video marketing for businesses: luring and keeping talent.

The most valuable resource in any firm is its people. Finding and keeping the best employees, however, is a difficult undertaking. Candidates are becoming more picky and demanding as the battle heats up. As a result, businesses must employ creative and successful methods to draw in and keep talent.

One of those tactics is video marketing. We are discussing a format that arouses curiosity, elicits feelings, conveys authority, and aids in recall. The video also takes into account the viewing preferences of the millennial and centennial generations, who are the primary target audiences for businesses looking to hire.

In this article, we'll examine how video marketing may benefit businesses by enhancing their brand recognition, broadening the audience for their job postings, and streamlining the interview and hiring procedures. We'll also provide you with some advice on how to execute a productive video marketing plan in your business.

Benefit 1: Video Marketing Raises Brand Awareness

Video marketing offers businesses looking for talent the chance to enhance their employer brand reputation. The best method for communicating the company's beliefs, culture, and value offer to prospective workers and prospects is video.

At the same time, video marketing enables us to showcase the company's human side, as well as its locations, initiatives, successes, and challenges. Additionally, it gives current employees a platform where they can discuss the business and share their experiences, recommendations, and testimonies. This is how video marketing builds audience trust, intimacy, and empathy.

Videos that can be Utilized to Enhance Brand Perception

  • Corporate Videos: Presents a company's mission, vision, and values as well as its history, course, and goals.
  • Testimonial Videos: Videos wherein current or past employees share their thoughts and experiences on the business, its perks, the workplace, the prospects for professional growth, etc.
  • Video Interviews: Captures dialogues between managers or other leaders of the company and potential workers or applicants about issues that are important to the firm, such as its strategy, innovation, social responsibility, etc.
  • Success Story Videos: Showcases successful projects undertaken by the company or its personnel. The videos showcase the difficulties overcame, the outcomes attained, and the effect produced.

Businesses Enhancing Their Brand Perception Through Video Marketing

  • Google: Technology industry leader Google employs video marketing to highlight its creative, inclusive, and diverse culture. You may find videos regarding Google's hiring practices, training projects, social programs, internal events, etc. on its Google Careers YouTube Channel.
  • Netflix: A leader in the entertainment industry, Netflix employs video marketing to highlight its innovative, cooperative, and adaptable culture. You can find videos on their work teams, original projects, technological difficulties, work perks, etc. on their Netflix Jobs Page.
  • Spotify: A leader in the music industry, Spotify uses video marketing to highlight its fervent, varied, and international culture. Videos regarding their business areas, company ideals, personal anecdotes, career prospects, etc. may be found on their Spotify Jobs Page.

Benefit 2: Video Marketing Increases Employment Offering Reach & Visibility

The ability to broaden the audience and raise the profile of their job offers is another advantage of video marketing for businesses looking for talent. Video is a format that may be used on a variety of platforms and channels, including social media sites, websites, blogs, etc. Additionally, compared to other mediums, video encourages more involvement, sharing, and virality.

On the other hand, it enables the distribution of employment offers in a more appealing, dynamic, and customized manner. Companies can easily display job criteria, circumstances, benefits, and other information by using video. Additionally, it invites candidates to attend occasions, seminars, fairs, etc. In this approach, video marketing piques the audience's attention, curiosity, and motivation.

Videos Often Used to Broaden the Audience & Make Employment Offers More Visible

  • Recruitment Videos: They advertise a specific or generic job offer while emphasizing the key characteristics of the job and the employer.
  • Job Description Videos: They provide a thorough explanation of the duties, responsibilities, abilities, and skills needed for a particular job position.
  • Videos for Event Invitations: These are advertisements for the company's live or virtual events, such as open houses, educational lectures, hands-on workshops, etc.

Actual Instances of Businesses Utilizing these Videos

  • Amazon: A leader in the e-commerce industry, Amazon uses video marketing to advertise its job openings across numerous cities and nations.
  • Airbnb: Airbnb is a global leader in the tourist lodging industry that employs video marketing to provide job opportunities in various places and cultures.
  • Uber: Uber is a well-known ride-hailing company that engages its driver partners through video marketing.

Benefit 3: Video Marketing Streamlines the Hiring & Selection Process

The ability to streamline the hiring and selection process is another advantage of video marketing for businesses looking for talent. The hiring and selection process can be sped up and optimized via video, which lowers expenses and saves time.

You may more accurately assess a candidate's abilities, attitudes, and competencies with the help of video marketing. You may see people's body language, facial expressions, verbal and nonverbal communication skills, inventiveness, and more. Additionally, it confirms the accuracy and coherence of the data that the candidates submitted. In this approach, video marketing improves the process' effectiveness, quality, and transparency.

Types of Videos to Speed Up the Hiring & Selection Process

  • Videos used in the classroom are called curricula; they can either supplement or replace a curriculum vitae. Candidates can display their motivations, professional goals, achievements, and personality.
  • Interviews via video can be used in place of or in addition to in-person or phone interviews. Candidates can respond to questions regarding their professional background, their appropriateness for the job and the organization, their expectations for pay, etc., that are either predetermined or made up on the spot.
  • Videos of project presentations illustrate the work candidates have done to prove their technical or subject-specific expertise on a subject relevant to the post. Candidates might discuss their project's goal, methods, findings, and conclusions.


As we've seen, video marketing is an effective tool for businesses looking to draw in and keep talent. You may enhance your company's brand image, broaden the audience for job offers, make the hiring and selection process easier, and more using this format.

We advise that you adhere to the following guidelines in order to develop a successful video marketing plan in your business:

  • Define the goals you want to accomplish with video marketing, such as boosting applicant volume, enhancing profile quality, speeding up the hiring process, etc.
  • Learn about the target population you are trying to reach with video marketing, including things like their demographics, tastes, requirements, and expectations.
  • Select the right format for each type of video, taking into account factors like length, style, tone, language, etc. Keep in mind that the video needs to be attractive, clear, and succinct.
  • Count the views, watch time, click-through rate, conversion rate, and other video marketing results you receive. Utilize this information to refine your plan and maximize your return on investment.

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