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Attracting Top Talent with Video

One of the biggest issues businesses today are dealing with is attracting talent. Organizations must recruit, hire, and retain the best individuals given the state of the current labor market in order to meet their strategic goals. The most skilled and motivated individuals, however, are no longer attracted to traditional recruitment techniques, which rely on written job adverts and paper or digital resumes.

For this reason, a lot of businesses are placing their trust in video as a cutting-edge and successful method of hiring new employees. In this post, we'll examine the benefits of attracting talent with video and look at some successful uses of this strategy.

The Majority Prefers the Video Format

On the internet, video is the media that is used and shared the most. As of 2022, video traffic accounts for 82% of all internet traffic worldwide, according to a Cisco study. Additionally, because video blends visuals, sounds, and texts that hold viewers' attention, it has a significant emotional and cognitive influence on viewers. Video is therefore the best format for communicating a company's message and value proposition to potential employees.

The Issue with Conventional Job Ads

Traditional job postings, whether they appear in print media, social networks, or digital portals, are typically uninteresting, generic, and boring to prospects.

Rather than highlighting the company's culture, surroundings, or advantages of employment, these advertisements merely outline the duties, qualifications, and conditions of the position. These advertisements also fail to set the company apart from its rivals or build an emotional bond with the applicants. Numerous candidates consequently don't feel inspired or identified to apply for these employment offers.

What Does a Video Job Posting Entail?

A job advertisement video is an audiovisual work that dynamically, creatively, and uniquely conveys a job offer.

The organization can showcase its history, values, projects, locations, teams, and present personnel in this kind of advertising. Candidates can learn more about the organization in this method, which will make them more interested in your offer.

Depending on the goal and the distribution method, a video job ad typically lasts between 30 seconds and 3 minutes. It should also have a compelling title, a succinct and clear narrative, great editing, and a concluding call to action.

Attracting Talent with Video

For businesses, attracting talent with video as a strategy offers many advantages. The following can be noted among them:

  • Greater audience reach: When compared to printed ads, video helps you to reach a larger and more varied audience. The employment offer can be shared via a variety of digital venues, including websites, social networks, specialized platforms, and mobile applications. Video also has a higher chance of going viral than text because it can be quickly shared on many platforms.
  • Greater commitment and interest from candidates are generated by this method compared to written advertisements. From the very first second of the video, viewers are intrigued and watch it through to the very end. Additionally, it arouses the candidates' emotions and sensations, which improves their memory of the message and the brand.
  • More applications: This style increases the likelihood that prospects will apply for the job offers they view. Clients of CareerBuilder found a 34% increase in applications when job postings had videos. Remember, the easier a job posting is to read, the more likely a video also speeds up the hiring process and lowers costs because it allows candidates to be more effectively filtered.

Similar-Minded Criticism: the Video Resume

Video is a resource that candidates can use as well as businesses. The video resume is a creative and unique approach to introduce yourself to a job offer while showcasing your abilities, personality, and talents. For candidates, this application tool offers the following benefits:

  • Increased differentiation: makes it possible for you to stand out from the competition of candidates who submit their resumes in the conventional style. It also shows the candidate's imagination, initiative, and capacity for learning new technologies. Additionally, the video resume enables candidates to demonstrate qualities like communication, expressiveness, charisma, personality, and attitude that cannot be captured on paper.
  • Increased personalization: The application can match the tone and content for the kind of business and job that's being applied for. It may contain endorsements, samples of work, academic or professional accomplishments, or any other information that enhances the candidate's profile.
  • Greater impact: Compared to textual resumes, video resumes provide a more favorable and enduring impression on recruiters. It draws recruiters' attention right away and helps them remember the individual better. In this way, it encourages communication and interaction with recruiters by allowing them to set up an interview and learn more about the candidate.

The Benefits of Using Video to Draw Talent

Employers and candidates might benefit from using video to recruit top talent. The following can be reduced:

  • Better communication: Enables the company's or candidate's message and value proposition to be expressed more directly, clearly, and effectively while avoiding the ambiguities, confusions, and misunderstandings that may occur with written texts.
  • Greater transparency: Presents the candidate's or company's reality in a more frank and realistic manner. Avoid the erroneous assumptions, letdowns, and fraud that might result from advertisements or written resumes.
  • Greater compatibility: A more accurate and unbiased assessment of how well the candidate and the company mesh can be made. You can learn more about the applicant or the company's culture, surroundings, values, and personnel by watching the video.

Employer Branding and Attracting Top Talent

Employer branding is the collection of efforts a business takes to develop and maintain its reputation as a great place to work, both internally and publicly. Employer branding's goal is to draw in top talent for the company and keep it loyal to the brand. It is built upon the identity, reputation, and value proposition as its three main pillars.

  1. The company's identity—which includes its mission, vision, values, and goals—defines it as an employer.
  2. Reputation is what people believe and say about a business as a place to work, including both current employees and potential new hires.
  3. The value proposition is what the business has to offer to its present and potential employees, both financially and otherwise.

Because it enables efficient and appealing communication of the company's identity, reputation, and value offer to its target audiences, video is a vital tool for developing and enhancing a company's employer branding. Companies can demonstrate their most important and distinctive qualities as an employer through film, such as:

  • History, development, philosophical foundation, and outlook.
  • Products, services, initiatives, and successes.
  • Facilities, resources, inventions, and technology.
  • The work environment, culture, and social responsibility.
  • Team members, managers, and workers' testimonials.
  • Advantages, possibilities, difficulties, and recognitions.

You may use video to project a favorable, alluring, and distinctive picture of your business as an employer, which aids in attracting the top people for your business.

CazVid's Case

CazVid, the only application that links businesses and applicants through brief videos, is an example of how video can be used to attract talent. CazVid is a free smartphone application that enables employers to publish job openings in video format and invites applicants to respond with video resumes. CazVid is built on the idea of "video matching," or the pairing of businesses and candidates based on how well their videos mesh.

Cazvid offers a number of benefits to both businesses and job prospects.

  • Employers can save time and money throughout the hiring process by using CazVid to more effectively screen candidates based on their profiles, personalities, and motivations. Furthermore, by demonstrating their value proposition in a more inventive and innovative manner with CazVid, companies can enhance their reputation as an employer.
  • Candidates can differentiate themselves from the competition by using CazVid to demonstrate their abilities, competencies, and attitude in a more engaging and genuine manner. Additionally, CazVid gives customers access to job offers that are more in accordance with their tastes, expectations, and areas of interest.

CazVid is a cutting-edge platform that is transforming the labor market by providing a quicker, easier, and more enjoyable method of luring talent. When it comes to attracting talent with video, CazVid is your best option.


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