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Cazvid: the best option to find affordable remote English-speaking employees

If you’re looking for remote English speakers for your company in the United States, and would like to have the talent, diversity and affordability of professionals who live internationally, Cazvid is the tool for you!

In this article, we’ll explain what Cazvid is, how it works, and the benefits of using CazVid when looking to find remote English-speaking employees. We’ll also provide you with practical tips to get the most out of the platform.

What is Cazvid and how does it work?

Cazvid is a free application to post job offers and resumes in video format. With Cazvid, you can access a wide network of English speaking professionals from around the world who are willing to work remotely for you.

Using Cazvid is as simple as downloading the app, creating a profile and recording a short video to share. If you’re an employer, simply record a job opportunity video that explains what the position is and the requirements for the job. Are you a candidate looking to be hired? Record a resume video introducing yourself and why you’re the ideal choice for the job position.

Once your video is ready, publish it on the platform and start browsing videos shared by other users. Videos can be filtered based on your needs such as category, location, or English level. If you see a job or a candidate you like, click “contact me” and start communicating in the app for free.

Because of the video format, Cazvid allows you to see the personality and skills of candidates and employers before you even contact them. Thus, you can save time and avoid unpleasant surprises. In addition, Cazvid offers you a dynamic and interactive user experience in the social networking style.

The benefits of Cazvid to find remote English-speaking employees

Using Cazvid to find English-speaking employees for all positions in the United States or internationally has many advantages:

  • Cost savings: Finding professionals outside of the USA can provide significant savings for your company since wages and taxes are usually lower. Also, Cazvid is totally free which saves you from having to pay to post job offers or view resumes.
  • Time flexibility: By having employees who live in different time zones, you can extend customer service hours and offer a more efficient and personalized service. You can even adapt the work schedule to the needs of your company and your employees, favoring conciliation and productivity.
  • Cultural diversity: By hiring English-speaking employees who live internationally, you can enrich your company culture with different perspectives and experiences. This can enhance creativity, innovation, and problem solving in your team.
  • Candidate quality: With Cazvid you can see the personality, attitude and soft skills of the candidates before contacting them. This allows you to select the best professionals for your company, without having to rely only on a written resume. In addition, you can ensure the level of native English you need, making sure that they communicate correctly.
  • Employee conversion and retention: You can offer a dynamic and interactive user experience to candidates and employees. This can increase interest and motivation to work in your company, reducing the abandonment rate and improving loyalty. In addition, you can keep in touch with your employees through the application, facilitating monitoring and feedback.

Recommendations for finding remote English-speaking candidates

There are many factors that influence the quality and availability of English-speaking candidates, including level of English fluency, work experience, educational background, culture, time zone, and salary. Here’s some of our recommendations:

Clearly define the profile you’re looking for

Before posting a job offer on Cazvid, be clear about what type of employee you’re looking to hire. What skills and competencies should they have? What roles and responsibilities will be performed? What level of English should they be at? What legal requirements must they meet? These questions will help you filter the most suitable candidates for your company and avoid wasting time and resources.

Create an attractive job offer on video

One of the advantages of Cazvid is that it allows you to create personalized video job offers for each vacancy. Thus, you can introduce yourself to the candidates in a closer and more human way while showing them why your company is the best option for them. In an audiovisual job advertisement, we recommend that you briefly explain who you are, what your company does, what you’re looking for in an employee, and what you offer in return. Remember to be clear, concise and professional, and use simple and direct language.

Review video resumes of potential candidates

Once you have published your job offer in Cazvid, you will start receiving video resumes from interested candidates. It’s important that you review them carefully and assess their native English level, work experience, educational background and attitude. You can also see their complete profiles and contact them by chat or video call if you need more information or want to have an interview.

Select the best candidates

After reviewing the video CVs of the candidates, select the ones that best fit the profile you’re looking for. To do this, use the filters and tags offered by Cazvid which allows you to order and classify the candidates according to different criteria. Thus, you can easily compare them and choose the most qualified and motivated to work with you.

Hire your ideal employee

Finally, you only have to hire the employee who has convinced you the most. To do this, you must follow the corresponding legal and administrative steps depending on the country where the candidate is located. Cazvid facilitates this process by offering you legal and tax advice so that you can hire English-speaking employees internationally from the United States without problems.

By following these recommendations, you will be able to find affordable English-speaking employees that can work remotely from around the world. When it comes to the recruitment process, Cazvid is the best option to connect you with global and diverse talent that can add value to your company. Register for free at Cazvid and start looking for remote English-speaking employees without complications.

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