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One of the most crucial duties of human resource departments is the assessment and selection of employees. It entails finding and selecting the best applicants to fill open positions within a business while taking into account their abilities, skills, attitudes, and potential.

However, because it requires a significant amount of time, money and resource commitment, this procedure is not always quick or effective. How can we enhance personnel evaluation and selection? What equipment can we utilize to streamline this procedure? This post introduces you to CazVid, the first video CV platform in the world, an app that has already become popular in the job market.

Why is assessment crucial to the selecting process?

Finding out whether the candidates meet the qualifications and expectations of the position is the major goal of the evaluation phase of the hiring process. Additionally, the examination helps us comprehend the candidates' goals, passions, personalities, and values. By doing this, it will be possible to gauge how well the candidate will fit into the company and forecast how well they will succeed in the role. Since it reflects the company's professionalism, transparency, and commitment to human talent, the evaluation also helps the company's image and reputation.

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The issue with only reviewing written resumes

The written resume is one of the most common and widely used ways of candidate evaluation. It is a document that lists a person's education, experience, and career accomplishments. When assessing candidates, the written CV has a number of drawbacks and restrictions. Among them are:

  • It does not reflect the soft talents that businesses are increasingly seeking, such as problem solving, creativity, teamwork, and communication.
  • It doesn't demonstrate the applicant's charisma, excitement, attitude, or personality, all of which are essential for making a strong first impression and engaging with the interviewer.
  • Since all of the contenders utilize the same structure and keyword combinations, it doesn't allow you to stand out from the crowd.
  • It does not guarantee the accuracy or currency of the data because there may be inaccurate, overstated, or out-of-date material.
  • Due to the irrational consumption of paper and ink, it is neither environmentally friendly nor sustainable.

The video resume as a substitute for reviewing applicants

The shortcomings of the written resume give rise to a creative and useful substitute for assessing candidates: the video resume. The candidate introduces himself and outlines his key professional attributes in this brief video. Over a printed CV, the video resume provides a number of benefits, including:

  • It demonstrates the applicant's soft talents, such as their capacity for leadership, persuasion, and communication.
  • It gives you the chance to demonstrate the candidate's character, charm, attitude, or excitement, which increases the interviewer's capacity for understanding and trust.
  • Since each candidate has the freedom to express themselves with their unique style and ingenuity, it makes it easier to stand out from the competition.
  • You can check the candidate's language proficiency, credentials, and completed projects to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date.
  • Since there is no ink or paper consumption, it's sustainable and environmentally friendly.

What may be assessed using a curriculum video?

You can assess various facets of a candidate's professional profile using a resume video, including:

  • Their academic background: You can determine whether they have the education needed for the position as well as their level of technical expertise. Most importantly, you can determine whether their vocabulary is appropriate for their academics.
  • Their professional background, including their primary responsibilities and accomplishments, might help you determine whether they have expertise in jobs that are similar to or relevant to the industry.
  • Their proficiency in the languages required for the work, as well as their fluency and pronunciation, can be determined by looking at their language level.
  • Their soft skills: You can determine if they possess qualities like initiative, teamwork, communication, and creativity.
  • Their personality: You can determine whether or not they have a personality that is compatible with the organization's culture and values, as well as with the job and the work team.
  • Their drive: You can determine if they are motivated and enthusiastic about the job, the organization, and its goals.

CazVid: The best app for evaluating candidates in video format.

CazVid is the first app in the world for video resumes and job offers. Candidates can record and share their video resumes using this free software with organizations looking for talent. Additionally, CazVid enables businesses to post job offers in video format, aiding in applicant recruitment and value proposition communication. It has a number of benefits for both applicants and businesses, including the following:

  • You only need to download the app, sign up, and record or watch videos to get started. There aren't any forms to complete or files to attach.
  • It's effective and efficient; during the evaluation and selection of staff, the app saves time and money because the most qualified individuals can be quickly filtered out and contacted.
  • It's novel and unique because it enables you to see and learn about the most professional and human side of individuals and companies, which promotes a stronger bond and compatibility.
  • It's secure and dependable, as it ensures user privacy and data protection because only selected businesses or applicants have access to the recordings.


Since it entails selecting the greatest human potential for each position, the appraisal and selection of staff is a crucial procedure for an organization's success. However, if you solely rely on the written resume, this process could be difficult and expensive. As a result, we advise you to download the CazVid app, which enables you to assess and choose applicants in video format. With the use of this software, you may learn more about potential hires, including their qualifications, motivations, and personalities.


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