Hire in Columbia and Latin America? Checkout the Columbian Video Resumes of Qualified Job Candidates on the free CazVid App

In the beautiful country of Columbia, more job seekers are embracing the free social media, casual video, job listings and job resume app, known as CazVid.

“we are very excited to see more and more Columbian video resumes on our free video-based casual video app,” Says Yuvi Shmul, founder and CEO of CazVid, as he is touring Costa Rica and Latin America.

If you are looking to hire anyone to work remotely, if you have any small projects, short gigs, consulting opportunities or any part time or full time open position, CazVid is the free app for you.

Columbian and worldwide employers, download and sign up for free on the CazVid app.  They record a short 30 second casual CazVid video-based job listing, and start communicate with the many users on CazVid with Columbian Video resume.

Unlike other apps, CazVid does not charge any fees to facilitate the interaction between job seekers and employers.  CazVid is a free show case of your job opening or your video resume.

Browse videos, communicate, hire and get hired on the CazVid free app.

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