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Communication skills that a video CV can assess

Workplace communication skills are just as important as experience, formal education, or soft skills. The cause? Simple: a company’s capacity to remain profitable depends on how well its employees convey ideas, feelings, and goals. In this regard, it’s crucial for today’s firms to discover efficient methods of evaluating communication skills in order to make wise decisions. One of the most noteworthy methods for this is the video resume.

Communication skills: what are they?

When we discuss communication skills, we are referring to the range of interpersonal abilities that a person acquires throughout the course of their lifetime. Every one of these teaches us to communicate ideas, feelings, knowledge, and experiences, starting from the moment we learn to talk and write until we begin our own social interactions.

According to their mother tongue, the social environment in which they are raised, and even the culture in which they are immersed, each person develops them differently. These skills are gifts from life and education, but they may be developed and improved upon since they are constantly being fed back.

Workplace communication abilities

Although communication skills have many different roots, they are most often tested in the workplace or in contexts that need it. Do we converse in the same way at home and at work? Are we the same persons in our social and professional circles? The fact is that having skilled communicators on staff is crucial for businesses, and there are sufficient justifications for this. For instance:

  • Communication within teams at work is essential.
  • Understanding communication means understanding how to offer and receive information.
  • An idea must be communicated in order to achieve goals. then carry them out.
  • You can’t sell if you don’t know how to explain the qualities of a good or service.
  • Above all, leaders are adept at communicating with their teams.
  • Writing on your phone is not the same as writing a letter. You must be proficient at writing.
  • A communication mistake can result in significant losses of time, money, or resources.

What occupations require effective communication skills?

The ability to communicate is crucial in all trades, occupations, and professions. However, in some cases they are practically required. Here, we focus on the most noteworthy:

  • Journalist.
  • Psychologist.
  • Head of corporate communication.
  • Marketing and communication assistant.
  • Waiter.
  • Commercial.
  • Tourism agents.
  • Accountants.
  • Receptionist.
  • Lawyer.
  • Human resource managers.
  • Trainer.
  • Head of digital communication.
  • Public relations.

Various forms of communication

We have the following communication skill kinds, which are both the most prevalent and crucial for workplaces:

  • Written communication: compiles the knowledge and skills needed to communicate in writing.
  • In verbal communication, a person must be able to convey himself effectively, with good word choice and articulation, as well as in terms of tone and cadence.
  • Nonverbal communication: demonstrates a range of abilities relating to body language, facial expressions, gestures, and postures. Body coherence with verbal communication is crucial in this situation.
  • Empathy: Given that it requires you to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and comprehend their situation in order to clarify or transmit a message, it may be one of the most crucial communication abilities.
  • Truly listening goes beyond just taking in what the other person is saying. Instead, you should pay attention to what he says and give constructive criticism.

Communication abilities for hiring

We have covered several definitions, categories, and examples of communication abilities so far. Let’s now discuss the workplace situation.

The type of skills that employers search for and analyze to make the best judgments are included in the communication skills that are intrinsic to the selection and hiring of staff. Some of them are:

  • Nonverbal communication: reinforces ideas, thoughts, instructions, and concepts; as a whole, it motivates a specific attitude or interest.
  • Clarity: To be understood without using excessive linguistic resources is crucial.
  • Having confidence and being courteous when talking helps people grasp and receive messages more effectively.
  • Communication of ideas in a secure environment is crucial since it inspires trust in the work teams’ intentions and goals.
  • Feedback is the sharing of knowledge, insight, ideas, and perspectives on a particular issue. It promotes development and mental flexibility in problem-solving.
  • One of the abilities that employers seek out the most is the ability to persuade others via the use of arguments.

How to assess them based on a video resume

A video resume allows companies to showcase information that a standard CV cannot. Therefore, seeing and hearing the candidates prior to the in-person interview is a significant tool for businesses.

The benefit of this format is that hiring managers can assess traits including verbal and nonverbal communication, clarity and confidence, friendliness, confidence in expressing ideas, persuasiveness, feedback, attitude, and body language when evaluating candidates.

Consequently, a video CV will always be the best choice to speed up the selection process in circumstances when communication skills are crucial for filling vacancies. In addition, these talents are almost nonexistent and invisible in a standard curriculum. When using a video CV, employers can examine only the profiles that interest them without having to conduct several in-person interviews with applicants.

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Cazvid: the app that aids in decision-making

Employers may further customize their ads and identify individuals and profiles based on specific interests using the Cazvid App, a program created specifically for uploading video resumes and job ads.

Cazvid becomes a very useful choice to assess communication skills in the case of occupations or profiles that demand a high level of those talents. Additionally, the app’s straightforward (and free) functionality reduces the amount of time and resources needed for the hiring process. You only need to publish your video job advertisement and wait for applicants to give you their video resumes for review.


Communication abilities are among the most crucial of all the skills that companies look for. Companies individually interview candidates for a variety of reasons, but one of them is to ensure that the candidate can speak clearly and assertively. Unquestionably, the video resume streamlines this procedure and enables hiring managers to make decisions using audiovisual evidence, which is impossible with a written resume.