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Why the video CV is the best method to hire technical staff remotely

It’s never easy to swiftly and effectively analyze prospects when trying to find or hire the best in-house technical professionals. Is receiving hundreds of well-written resumes sufficient? Not at all, no. Also the idea of inviting strangers inside your house can be a bit unnerving. So, how do you locate and employ appliance technicians, electricians, or plumbers without worrying that you’ll make the wrong choice? Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of using video CVs to hire technical staff, with a particular emphasis on those candidates who work from home.

What sort of technical personnel can you assess at home using a CV video?

We’re referring to all technical employees, regardless of gender or age, who can provide the following services, which are typically required by old people or housewives. The areas would be as follows:

  • Plumbing
  • appliance repair
  • Refrigeration (refrigerators, freezers)
  • Computing
  • General home repairs.
  • Installation of alarms.
  • Remodeling or restoration of spaces
  • Paint

Both housewives and the elderly, as well as homeowners who lack the time for these things, almost always want these services at some point due to a lack of time or knowledge. Finding those who are the most qualified and trustworthy can be difficult because the offer is so wide-ranging and extensive. Many of these issues are resolved through video resumes.

Benefits of viewing video resumes when hiring technical staff

With a written CV, you won’t know the candidates’ images, their communication styles, or the soft skills and attitudes they inspire unless you sit down to read hundreds of them. At least a portion of this problem can be resolved by watching a brief movie where you can see and hear the necessary home technical staff. It has the following benefits:

1. A stronger personality and greater visual effect

In the selection process, technical applicants are sought out who not only possess the necessary knowledge and expertise, but also stand out as unique people. The CV video excels in this area. Beyond the textual text on a conventional resume, this style enables recruiters or other interested parties to have a more comprehensive understanding of the candidates.

Home technicians have the chance to showcase their personalities and physically portray themselves in an appealing way with a video CV. Body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions all have a lot more to say than simply words. You may assess applicants’ communication skills, confidence, and adaptability—essential qualities for technical work—by watching and listening to them.

2. The display of technical proficiency

Practical expertise is critical for technical professionals. Candidates can successfully display their technical skills with the use of a video CV, which is the ideal format. How is an appliance fixed? How do you fix a plumbing or electrical issue? Recruiters can evaluate candidates’ ability and knowledge prior to an in-person meeting by observing them in action.

Technical skill demonstration in person gives you a better idea of a candidate’s capabilities and enables you to make more educated hiring decisions. Additionally, it provides you with the chance to recognize the specialists who are industry leaders and are most prepared to meet the individual requirements of any client.

3. Grasp the interest of employers

Getting an employer’s attention is essential in a world when there are several offers. Here, a video CV can be a useful tool for standing out from the competition. Employers or recruiters are more likely to become interested in a prospect when they see a well-made and attractive CV video.

Technical job seekers might distinguish themselves from other candidates by showcasing their strengths in a video style. You increase the likelihood of developing a closer relationship with companies and landing more jobs by visually compellingly expressing your enthusiasm, expertise, and experience.

4. Confidence and safety

Finding people who radiate professionalism, confidence, and confidence is just as important for hiring technical employees as looking for persons with the necessary abilities and expertise. Candidates can communicate these qualities far more effectively than with a regular resume by using a video CV.

Nonverbal communication and facial expressions can be effective ways to communicate emotions. Candidates might provide housewives or senior adults a glimpse into who they are as people via a CV video. This emotional connection enables recruiters or employers to evaluate what motivates prospects, particularly to determine in advance whether they are trustworthy or secure as coworkers.

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Where can I find instructional films of technical staff at home?

If you need to hire technical professionals for household projects like painting a wall, installing an alarm system, or fixing an appliance, you’ll want to know where to find their video resumes.

The best video resume app for jobs of all types, Cazvid, is the solution. With Cazvid, you may quickly view the videos of applicants who fit your job offer and get in touch with them right from the application. As a result, you may choose the best specialist for your needs while saving time and money throughout the selection process.

Cazvid benefits home-based technical people, whether they work alone or seek employment with a company, in addition to employers or service providers. If you’re one of them, you may quickly produce a video résumé that highlights your qualifications, references, and personality. You may differentiate yourself from the competition and raise your employability by doing this.

The most cutting-edge and successful app for connecting companies and remote technical workers is Cazvid. It operates with straightforward registrations and a simple, user-friendly design, and it is accessible for Apple or Android devices.


In conclusion, hiring technical workers remotely with a CV video is strongly advised owing to the many benefits it provides. This arrangement enhances the contestants’ personalities and provides a stronger visual impact. Additionally, it offers a chance to showcase technological proficiency, draw recruiters’ attention, and exude assurance and security. The best way to do this is to upload your profile in video format if you are a candidate or request a video resume in Cazvid if you are an employer. The App revolutionizes both methods of employment search and helps you find applicants or employers more quickly.