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Hiring a Hotel Receptionist: The Best Resource for Finding Candidates

Given that they are in charge of welcoming, tending to, and directing guests during their stay, the hotel receptionist is among the most significant individuals in the organization. This job involves strong language skills, familiarity with industry-specific IT tools, organizational abilities, problem-solving, and customer service skills. Because it can enhance the hotel's reputation and boost client happiness, hiring a competent receptionist can be a competitive edge.

But selecting the best applicant for this job is never without mistakes and risks, particularly when traditional resumes are the only source of information.

Because of this, an increasing number of employers are opting to evaluate applicants for hotel receptionist positions using video resumes, which are comprised of a brief video in which the candidate introduces themselves, discusses their background, experience, and motivation for the role, as well as showcasing their relevant skills and abilities. Interested? Keep reading.

What's the ideal profile for a hotel receptionist?

For a hotel receptionist to do their work well, they need to fulfill a number of minimum standards. Among these prerequisites are:

  • Academic training in administration, hospitality, or tourism.
  • Prior experience working in customer service or in comparable roles.
  • Good language skills, particularly in English and other languages that hotel visitors request.
  • Expertise with computers and program management in the hotel industry.
  • Geographical and time accessibility.

Competencies and abilities of a hotel receptionist

A hotel receptionist needs a number of skills and competences in addition to the ones listed above in order to carry out their job efficiently. Among these abilities are:

  • Written and verbal communication skills.
  • Active listening and empathy.
  • Planning and organizing skills.
  • Making decisions and addressing problems.
  • Ability to cooperate and work as a team.
  • Adaptation to change and stress
  • A spirit of proactivity and initiative.
  • A mindset for continuous learning and development.
  • A focus on quality and customers.

Hotel Receptionist Duties

The following are a hotel receptionist's primary responsibilities:

  • Greet guests upon arrival at the hotel, register them, and brief them on the hotel's amenities.
  • Assign rooms to visitors in accordance with their choices and availability.
  • Give the visitors the magnetic cards or keys and a brief explanation of the system's operation.
  • Throughout the guest's stay, respond to their questions, concerns, requests, and suggestions and provide them with appropriate and satisfying solutions.
  • Oversee bookings, changes, cancellations, and room collections. You also send out the associated invoices.
  • Assist other hotel departments in order to ensure smooth operation and high-quality service.
  • When guests check out or go, you should thank them for their visit and make sure they have left nothing behind in their rooms.
  • Update the client database and create billing and occupancy reports for the hotel.
  • Respect the hotel's rules about procedure, hygiene, and safety.

The Issue with Employing a Hotel Receptionist Based Just on Resumes

Employers may encounter difficulties when hiring a hotel receptionist based only on resumes for a number of reasons.

  • Because most resumes are extremely similar to one another, candidates are unable to stand out from the competition or emphasize their advantages.
  • The conventional resume just displays the applicant's employment and educational history, which might not be enough for the role. It does not highlight the candidate's abilities or capabilities.
  • They might deceive the company by providing inaccurate or inflated facts on the candidate's education, work history, or language proficiency.
  • The personality and attitude of the candidate, which are crucial components of the hotel receptionist position, are not reflected in them.
  • An employer cannot assess a candidate's image, oral and gestural language, communication, language competency, or other critical abilities necessary to enhance customer service and leave a positive impression on a client from a resume.

For all these reasons, hiring a hotel receptionist only based on resumes may lead to a subpar choice, which will have an adverse effect on the performance of the hotel and the happiness of its patrons.

Using Video Resumes to Assess Hotel Receptionist Applicants

The video CV offers a number of benefits over regular resumes, making it a creative and useful tool for assessing potential hotel receptionists.

  • It enables the applicant to stand out from the competition and get the employer's attention by showcasing their uniqueness and inventiveness.
  • The applicant is able to showcase their abilities and proficiencies pertinent to the role, including teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and customer focus.
  • The candidate can next respond by outlining their reasons for applying, their interest in the role, their moral principles, and their career goals.
  • The video resume gives the applicant the chance to highlight key competencies for the position of hotel receptionist, such as image, oral and gestural language, attitude, communication, and language proficiency.
  • By spending less time and money on the hiring process, the business can determine whether the prospect fits the desired profile and get to know them better.

What Components of a Video Resume can be Assessed?

You can assess the following qualities of the potential hotel receptionist with a video resume:

  • The image allows you to judge whether a candidate presents themselves in a way that is appropriate for the role in terms of professionalism and cleanliness. Additionally, you can determine whether the individual exudes warmth, security, and confidence.
  • Speaking with the candidate face-to-face gives you the opportunity to assess their diction, pronunciation, tone, and fluency. It also examines the candidate's usage of a sufficient vocabulary that is precise and unambiguous.
  • Gesture language reveals a candidate's level of good posture, direct eye contact, genuine smile, and motions that match their words. Additionally, you can assess the candidate's level of passion, interest, and empathy.
  • Attitude: You may determine whether a prospect has a positive, proactive, and decisive attitude by watching their video resume. It also assesses the candidate's initiative, adaptability, and commitment to lifelong learning.
  • Communication: Through the use of a video, companies can assess a candidate's capacity to effectively communicate with a variety of clients, catering to their needs and expectations. Conversely, ascertain whether the applicant can actively listen, communicate pertinent information, and provide adequate solutions.
  • Language proficiency: it's crucial to confirm that a candidate speaks English well as any other language that hotel customers may require. You may also determine whether a prospect can carry on a proper and fluid conversation in various languages by watching their video CV.

How can CazVid be Used When Hiring a Hotel Receptionist?

Employers can publish job offers in video format on the CazVid platform, and candidates can apply by sending their video resumes. It is a quick, simple, and efficient approach for connecting job seekers and employers.

All you need to do to recruit hotel receptionists via CazVid is follow these steps:

  • To create a company profile, download the app and register.
  • Make a video in which the job offer is presented, outlining the qualifications, duties, and conditions of the position.
  • Post the video on the platform and wait for interested candidates' video resumes to arrive.
  • Examine the video resumes and select the applicants who most closely match the desired profile.
  • Make contact with the chosen applicants to set up a video or in-person interview.

You can hire hotel receptionists more effectively with CazVid, which will help you save money and time during the hiring process. Additionally, it helps to increase the hiring process's quality because it enables you to select the candidate who is most suited for the job after seeing their brief videos.

In Summary

Being in charge of greeting, tending to, and directing visitors throughout their stay makes the hotel receptionist an indispensable employee for the smooth operation of a lodging facility. Because it can enhance the hotel's reputation and boost client happiness, hiring a competent receptionist can provide it a competitive edge.

But using resumes alone to hire a hotel receptionist can be problematic because they don't accurately represent a candidate's abilities, disposition, personality, or talents. They might also include inaccurate or inflated information, which complicates the selecting process.

This is why the video CV is a novel and useful instrument for assessing applicants, as it enables you to present your professional and personal profile in a way that is more engaging, inventive, and successful. In this manner, the company may learn more about you and determine whether your profile matches their needs.


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