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Tips on Hiring Sales Executives

To get the best results and satisfy your customers, you must have a successful sales team. Therefore, investing in a talented and dedicated sales executive—or a team of them—can significantly impact the growth of your company. What factors should you consider when choosing the best candidates? Is there a way to know an applicant's potential even before the personal interview?

In this post, we'll explain how to hire sales executives for your company to grow and improve your chances of selling goods and services. We'll go through the qualities a competent sales manager ought to possess as well as how to assess a candidate's background and potential for success. We'll also provide you with some useful guidance on how to streamline the hiring procedure and steer clear of frequent blunders.

First, let's define a sales executive

A sales executive is a business expert who works only to persuade potential or existing clients to purchase a company's goods or services. Its primary role is to bring in money for the business and fulfill consumer demands and expectations. A salesperson must consider the market, the competitors, the features and advantages of what they sell, the marketing and sales methods being used, and other factors to achieve this.

Additionally, you can take on a variety of positions within an organization, depending on the nature and size of the business, the industry it operates in, and the goals it strives to achieve. These positions include those of advisor, consultant, negotiator, manager, supervisor, and leader, among others. In any case, a sales manager is in responsibility of developing and maintaining a strong and long-lasting relationship with customers, seeing and seizing business prospects, meeting predetermined sales targets, and expanding the portfolio of clients.

Traits of a sales representative

These qualities characterize a passionate sales executive's professional and personal profile and determine their capacity to successfully carry out their tasks in the field of sales. The following is a list of some of the most important qualities a sales executive should possess:

Sales training

A sales executive needs to have received academic and professional training in the fields of business, marketing, and sales. This will allow you to know the concepts, techniques and tools necessary to develop your work. In addition, a sales manager will have to be constantly updated and trained, to adapt to market changes and customer demands.

Market research

To discover potential clients, assess their traits, preferences, wants, and segment them based on different aspects (geographical, demographic, psychographic, etc.), it’s also crucial to be able to conduct market studies. You may use this to create tailored and successful sales techniques for each type of consumer.


Effectively looking for and locating new sales prospects among both existing and future clients is crucial. To accomplish this, you must communicate using a variety of channels and methods, including the phone, email, social media, etc. Additionally, you must understand how to conduct effective pre-sales in order to grab prospects' attention, inspire interest and trust, and evaluate their individual needs and expectations.


It's important to note that the ability to negotiate with clients and provide them with solutions that cater to their demands and give value to them is crucial for the success of the company. For this, a sales manager is knowledgeable in how to market the service or product they sell, emphasizing its advantages over rivals, how to deal with any objections and skepticism, how to seal a sale successfully, and how to conduct follow-up to assure client satisfaction.

Relationship building and maintaining strong business relationships with clients based on respect, trust, and empathy is another trait required for success. You will learn how to express yourself clearly, assertively, and persuasively; how to actively listen to and demonstrate interest in the requirements and problems of customers; how to adjust to various personality types and communication styles; and how to manage potential issues.


It is important to understand that in the business world, having a teamwork mentality with your coworkers and superiors is essential to sharing information, experiences, and knowledge, getting ready for one another, coordinating actions and tactics, and helping to reach shared goals. Additionally, having the ability to motivate, direct, and oversee the work of other salespeople is crucial when leading sales teams.

What a sales executive does

A sales executive's duties include a variety of tasks that help you accomplish your business objectives and please your clients. The salesman must acquire and develop a variety of information and abilities in order to perform these duties. Among a sales executive's most crucial duties are:

  • Prospecting involves looking for and getting in touch with individuals or businesses who could be interested in purchasing the company's products or services.
  • Present the product or service to the customer by demonstrating and outlining its features, advantages, and other benefits.
  • Reach an agreement with the customer regarding the terms of the sale, such as the price, the period, the mode of payment, the guarantee, and the after-sales service, etc. in order to negotiate and finalize the deal.
  • In order to continue and grow the relationship with the consumer after the transaction and win their happiness and loyalty, this function is performed.

The most effective way to hire sales executives

Any organization must hire the proper sales consultant to succeed. Employers are using a cutting-edge strategy when looking for candidates: the video resume or job presentation video. Employers can use this technique to gain a sneak peek at potential salespeople and evaluate their demeanor, body language, communication abilities, and sales approach.

Employers have a one-of-a-kind chance to see the salesperson in action on camera to observe how they manage sales situations and display the company's products. Companies might also request a sample video CV from applicants to demonstrate how they could sell to them.

Without a doubt, this tool enables a more thorough assessment of sellers of all stripes than what can be observed in a conventional resume. Employers assess a sales executive's ability to persuade, empathize, be confident, and be creative—qualities crucial for success in the sales field.

How to hire sales executives with video resumes

You may use the following procedures as a guide for posting job openings or offers for sales executive positions:

  • Study and decide what kind or profile of sales executive you require.
  • In your video job ad, specify that candidates must submit a video résumé to CazVid in order to be considered for the position. Additionally, you might instruct them to perform a sales exercise in the video resume and demonstrate how they would market your goods or services.
  • Upload a video of your job offer on CazVid. You may get it on Apple and Android if you haven't already.
  • Wait for the applicants to submit their video resumes in order to assess the candidate's profile.
  • With the finalists you're considering, create a sieve or filter.
  • When you get in touch with them again, request written resumes from the finalists so you can evaluate them before the in-person interview. Please take note that only the necessary resumes will be read by you. You can do this to save time and money.
  • Interview the finalists to help you make a more knowledgeable choice.

How can I assess essential talents using a video resume?

The following professional and personal qualities determine a salesperson's capacity to carry out their activities successfully and adjust to market and client needs. The following are some of the most important new talents a sales professional should possess:

  • Communication is the skill of being able to convey ideas to customers effectively, forcefully, and persuasively while utilizing proper language, a friendly tone, and positive body language.
  • Persuasion: In order to perform better, it is crucial to be able to persuade clients by providing them with solutions that cater to their needs and add value.
  • Creativity: Successful salespeople have the capacity to learn from their failures and produce unique and cutting-edge concepts to attract clients, stand out from the competition, and develop alluring offers and promotions.
  • Languages: In order to interact with clients from many cultures and nations, increase their potential market, and gain access to information necessary for their job, a sales professional must be fluent in at least one foreign language, ideally English.

These abilities can only ever be assessed through a video resume rather than a conventional written CV. It is crucial that you request videos from candidates so that you can see their selling style, attitude, personality, body language, communication abilities, level of originality, and language proficiency. In order to determine whether the sales professional has the abilities you're seeking for, you can observe them in action.

Can you show it by having people buy your goods or services?

Observing and hearing a salesperson in action is the greatest method to evaluate them. Typically, this might be inferred or imagined while reading your resume or during the personal interview. But in reality, you won't know if the candidate is the correct one or if what their resume says or how they present themselves in a live meeting is true if you simply use these two tactics.

However, wouldn't it be more efficient to ask the candidates to perform a sales exercise using your products in a little video than to simply read their resumes? The salesperson will demonstrate everything they have (and everything they lack) in the video, giving you a more thorough first impression of their personality, style, verbal and non-verbal language, attitude, and enthusiasm. They will also demonstrate their ability to persuade and negotiate, as well as the strategies and techniques they use to sell.


Reminding you that CazVid is the only free app focused on the video CV. It's a fantastic tool that meets the needs of streamlining the hiring procedures in the sales area. We are aware of the value that a sales professional brings to the firm in terms of revenue and business growth, so having a dedicated platform that is free becomes an excellent alternative for your hiring procedures.


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