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How Video Can Help You Hire Staff and Make Better Decisions

Companies in today’s fast-paced workplace are constantly looking for human resources to bolster their teams and maintain competitiveness in a climate where business demands are rising. As a result, recruiting managers now have a serious issue in recruitment. Fortunately, digital transformation has arrived to streamline this process and enable businesses to leverage multimedia technologies, notably video, to make better informed decisions.

According to the director of an HR consulting firm and recognized human resources expert Michael Ortiz, “the incorporation of videos in the hiring process is a trend that is rapidly gaining ground in the labor market.” Given the recent dramatic changes to the labor market in Latin America, this statement is especially pertinent in that region.

The World Labor Organization’s statistics show that in 2023, the unemployment rate in Latin America was 6.7%. As a result, businesses must choose from among a big pool of applicants vying for a small number of open positions, which makes it challenging to find the best people. In this situation, video becomes a very useful tool for recruiting managers.

Videos for job presentations can be found online

Video may significantly alter the hiring process, as demonstrated by the example of Cazvid, a cutting-edge digital tool. In order to make better decisions, Yuvi Shmul, CEO and creator of Cazvid and an expert in specialized services for recruiters, employment agencies, and human resources managers, emphasizes the significance of this tool.

“Cazvid provides recruiters with an easy-to-use platform that enables them to get to know prospects through unique introduction films. This speeds the hiring process and gives employers a fuller picture of each applicant than what can be gleaned from a resume, according to Shmul.

Hiring managers can evaluate candidates’ abilities to communicate, interpersonal skills, and corporate profile fit using the Cazvid App in addition to their technical expertise and job history. As a result, there is a far lower chance of employing someone whose personality doesn’t mesh with the organization’s culture but whose talents match the job.

Hiring new employees in businesses 4.0

The requirement to examine candidates in more depth than just through a written application has grown as a result of the digital transformation and the labor market 4.0. Employing managers can make better decisions by watching videos to gain a more genuine initial impression of prospects. Additionally, candidates have the chance to stand out and showcase their personalities in a more dynamic and interesting way via video.

Other industry leaders, in addition to Cazvid, are embracing the usage of video in the hiring process. 75% of businesses in Latin America use multimedia tools in their hiring processes, according to a research from the human resources solutions company Agency Leads. The fact that 67% of recruiters think videos help them make better informed decisions is evidence of this trend.

It’s crucial to stress that using videos in the hiring process cannot be viewed as a dogma that entirely substitutes other, more conventional approaches. Despite the fact that the videos offer insightful extra information, it is imperative to combine them with in-person interviews and other selection exams. The combination of these technologies enables a more thorough assessment of the applicants and ensures more precise hiring.

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In sum, employing staff has emerged as a major issue for businesses. Videos are promoted as a useful resource for hiring managers during the hiring process. Platforms like Cazvid are at the forefront of this digital shift by giving recruiters a quick and easy way to view video presentations from prospects. Utilizing video effectively will enable businesses to assess individuals’ qualifications on both a technical and a personal level.

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