A new and free way to find employees with the CazVid Free Video Job Listings and Job Resumes App

Finally there is a new, unique, and free way to find new employees.  If you are looking for employees, local, or remote, get on the CazVid Video Job board today.  CazVid is a free app, where employers can post a free job posting.  Unlike other websites and apps that charge high fees, and unlike recruiters who take commission to find help, the CazVid job board is an easy, quick, and unique app to find your next hire.

What makes the CazVid app unique is that all job listings are video based.  Also, what makes the CazVid app unique is that employers can view and directly communicate with job seekers, who present their CazVid video resume.   CazVid, stands for casual video, was designed to serve as a free employment matching platform. Instead of employees always initiating the communication with employers; instead of employers always paying for job postings; instead of employers always present their job requirements in a boring traditional written format; and instead of employers reviewing the outdated all-look-alike written resumes – her comes the CazVid free video-based job board.

CazVid takes 15 seconds to sign up, 30 seconds to record a video job opening or a video resume, minutes to search your next job or you next employee, and go!  Start communicate, hire away, or get hired!  And all of those steps are always free of charge to all participants:  Hire, Get Hired on https://www.CazVid.com

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