where to post jobs for free

Where To Post Jobs For Free?

Here we show you where to post jobs for FREE to find the perfect candidate

If you are a recruiter or a company that requires staff, in this article I will explain where and how to post free jobs. Before publishing, you need to have the requirements of the job clear. Additionally, I suggest you create a google form so that you can collect information from the candidates in an organized table. So that you can have an URL of the form and share it with the candidates with all the methods that we are going to present.

Publish job offers on job pages

This is a very effective way to get candidates for your job offers, because nowadays most of the people already have their resume uploaded on those job portals. Some of the most important pages are: 

  • Indeed
  • CompuTrabajo
  • Jooble
  • Infojobs

Post free jobs on the CazVid app

When it comes to speed, CazVid is the best option. CazVid is an application that allows you to post jobs for free and fast

The interesting thing about CazVid is that you have the option to post a traditional text job listing or post your job listing as a 30-second video. This is why it is very fast to publish a job offer, because it can be published in less than 5 minutes.

The steps to publish in CazVid are:

  1. Download the CazVid app
  2. Sign up (only email and/or phone number)
  3. Post your job offer (text or video)
  4. Contact potential candidates.

Another big advantage of CazVid is that candidates have their video resumes uploaded. Making it possible to quickly contact candidates and get a first impression of them.

Post on classified pages

This is another very popular method, even the classified pages still have a lot of traffic and people who consult them constantly, some of the most popular ones are:

  1. OLX
  2. Allanuncios
  3. locanto.co
  4. Evisos

Besides selling products or services these pages also allow you to post your job offers for free.

Post jobs in Facebook groups

In this social network, you can post free job offers in two types of groups.

Facebook groups to post jobs

Usually each city has groups with hundreds of thousands of registered job seekers. So, to post you must search Facebook for employment groups in the city where the vacancy is open, request access to the group and post the offer there as soon as you are in.

Groups related to the topic of your job offer

You don’t necessarily have to search in a job group, you can also do it in groups related to the topic. For example, if the employee you’re looking for is for a digital marketing job, you can post the job in a group related to digital marketing.

Post jobs on your website

Your company probably has a career website. On this career website you can post all the open vacancies you have. Be sure to add the career page to the menu of your website. Perhaps you can also put a banner at the top of the site to increase the visibility of the job.

Post free jobs on your social networks

In our social networks we have a huge source of possible candidates. Jobs can be published in both our own social networks and the company’s social networks (if any). 

Some of the social networks where you can post job offers are:

  • LinkedIn
  • Company Facebook Page
  • Employee Facebook Profile
  • Twitter
  • TikTok

Send job offers by email

If your company has created a list of subscribers, you can find potential candidates there. To do so, write an email where you indicate the requirements of the position you are looking to fill and a link to the form you created at the beginning. This gives interested candidates the chance to  apply and provide you with the necessary information. Be sure you have a separate email list for job seekers, you don’t want to send your job openings to your customers. 

It is very important that you write an interesting subject title that clearly says what position you want to fill.. For example, the subject line might be “We are looking for an Electrical Engineer. Immediate hiring with excellent benefits”

Post jobs in your WhatsApp status

Posting in your WhatsApp status might reach one of your contacts who is currently unemployed. The big advantage of this method is that you already know this person and therefore can make a good referral. Be sure to also post it on the statuses of your employees, colleagues, managers and bosses. The more people spread the word out, the bigger the chance of getting to hire someone.

Contact universities

Another way to get candidates, especially if you want to get interns, is by establishing alliances with universities. You can contact a University you trust and request information on how to do this process. Note that this is recommended if you are constantly looking for employees, as an occasional job offer is not justified. Once the alliance is established, you will have a constant source of candidates that you can use at any time to find fresh candidates who finished or about to finish University.

Mouth to Mouth

Word of mouth will never be gone and can give you the best referrals. Tell your relatives, friends and family that you are looking for an employee. You will be surprised where a potential candidate can come from.

I hope this information has been helpful to you and remember that with CazVid, you can post jobs for FREE and find potential candidates in less than two minutes.

Click this link to download CazVid and post your job offers for FREE.


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