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How to pick the best customer service representatives for your business

One of a company's most crucial and essential functions is providing customer service. It is crucial to the success and expansion of your company as well as to the consumers' contentment, loyalty, and perception of your brand. The best customer service staff should be chosen, therefore doing so involves a careful and efficient selection process.

This article will define customer service, discuss the value of providing excellent customer service, outline the qualities that should characterize customer care representatives, and list typical errors you should steer clear of. We'll also go through the kinds of people you should avoid when employing for this position, how to enhance the recruiting procedure, and why the video resume is the best recruitment tool.

What constitutes customer service?

Customer service is the collection of tasks performed by a business to address clients' wants, demands, and grievances before, during, and after the sale or use of a good or service. Customer service entails talking to consumers, getting to the bottom of their problems, offering advice, explaining how products work, and educating them on their advantages.

Additionally, it can be done using a variety of communication methods like the phone, email, social media, chat, web form, video conference, or in-person support. Every channel has benefits and drawbacks, and those in charge of managing it need to possess a certain set of talents.

Why is providing good customer service crucial?

A corporation can benefit from providing good customer service in many ways, but the following benefits stand out:

  • Enhances customer satisfaction by making clients feel important, respected, and cared for, which fosters a favorable opinion of the business and its goods or services.
  • Promotes customer loyalty. The goal is to build a connection of trust and loyalty between the company and its clients so that they will make additional purchases or sign additional contracts, so becoming dependable or repeat clients.
  • Enhances the company's reputation. Done well, it creates a positive impression and positive word of mouth about the business, which draws in new potential customers and strengthens its position in the market.
  • Profitability of the firm is increased because expenses associated with customer acquisition and retention are decreased, cross-selling and upselling are increased, profit margins are improved, and resource usage is optimized.

Personal elements of customer service

The human resources in charge of carrying out customer service-related tasks are customer service representatives. A professional with this profile is in great demand across a range of industries and job functions, including business, tourism, hospitality, banking, telecommunications, and public services.

In order to carry out their duties effectively and efficiently, this category of employees must possess a number of personal and professional qualities. Among these characteristics are:

  • Communication skills: Employees in customer service must be able to speak the language(s) that the channel and the target audience need clearly, fluently, and courteously. Additionally, they must be able to actively listen, comprehend what the customer is saying, and modify their message according to their expertise and needs.
  • Empathy: They need to be kind to clients and possess understanding, sympathy, and other social qualities. They must be able to put themselves in the customer's shoes, recognize their feelings, and respond to them correctly. When working with clients, they must also be respectful of them, and knowledgeable.
  • Technical expertise: They must be able to grasp the information and resources required to address client questions, concerns, or issues. Additionally, they must be able to operate the media and tools they use to speak with clients, such as the phone, computer, software, and camera.
  • Management abilities: This includes being able to plan, organize, and prioritize work as well as effectively being able to manage time, space, and resources. Additionally, they need to be able to analyze, synthesize, and make decisions in many circumstances.
  • Developing skills: Demonstrates a proactive, inquisitive, and adaptable approach toward change. They must be eager to keep learning, refreshing their expertise, and adjust to shifting market trends and requirements.

5 common errors that should be avoided with customer service staff

Despite the significance of customer service, many businesses commit errors that compromise quality and outcomes. Some of these mistakes include:

  • Lack of a customer service strategy: Many businesses lack a clear understanding of the goals they hope to accomplish through customer service, the channels they will employ, and the kinds of clients they will be able to satisfy. Confusion, consistency issues, and a lack of managerial control result from this in the customer service sector.
  • Staff not properly trained: In this instance, there is insufficient investment in the training and development of the customer support team. This indicates that staff members lack the knowledge, abilities, or drive needed to carry out their duties in a quality and efficient manner.
  • Not paying attention to or recognizing the work of customer service staff: As a result, employees become disgruntled, demotivated, and disengaged from the business.
  • Lack of client satisfaction or listening: Many businesses don't concern about knowing or comprehending what the customer wants or needs. The customer feels unheard, angry, and unsatisfied with the business as a result.
  • Failure to detect, address, and prevent customer issues: Some businesses lack an effective mechanism to identify, address, and handle potential customer issues with the product or service. The customer feels taken advantage of, let down, and angry with the business as a result.

Individuals that shouldn't be employed for customer service positions

Avoid certain sorts of people when recruiting customer service staff since they can damage the reputation and productivity of the business. For instance:

  • People that are arrogant think they are better than their clients or their coworkers. They do not acknowledge their errors or provide an apology for them, nor do they accept criticism or ideas. Customers are treated with contempt, haughtiness, or apathy by them.
  • People that are passive lack initiative and interest in their task. They don't seek out answers or upgrades, they don't stay up to date, they don't get trained. Customers are treated with apathy, boredom, or resistance.
  • People that are aggressive respond to any circumstance with aggression or antagonism. They disregard rules and boundaries and are unable to restrain their emotions or urges. Customers are treated rudely, irrationally, or with threats.
  • Falsifying or manipulating information is the behavior of liars. They treat clients unfairly and with false expectations. They also break their promises and obligations, and they have little regard for ethics or confidentiality.
  • Enhance your hiring process by providing better customer service.

Customer service is crucial for a company's success, as we've seen. Therefore, it is crucial to have customer service staff who has the qualities and abilities required to provide top-notch customer care.

Finding and choosing the ideal team, however, is never simple. Typically, the hiring process is protracted, expensive, and ineffective. Traditional approaches, like a printed resume or phone interview, make it impossible to accurately and impartially evaluate a candidate's customer service skills. They also provide a big number of candidates who don't meet the ideal profile, which makes choosing between them challenging.

As a result, it's critical to innovate and enhance the hiring process utilizing technologies that make it easier to find, sort through, and evaluate prospects. One of these resources is the video curriculum, a presentation format that enables candidates to introduce themselves through a brief video in which they demonstrate their drive, personality, and skill set.

The curriculum video as the best recruitment tool for those in customer service

For various reasons, the video CV is a great tool for hiring customer support representatives:

  • The candidate's language proficiency, communication abilities, attitude, tone of voice, oral expression, and personality may all be evaluated in this way, which cannot be done with a written resume.
  • Reduces the number of candidates that advance on to the next stage of the selection process since those who do not satisfy the basic requirements or do not fit with the corporate culture can be dismissed, increasing time and cost savings.
  • The top customer service personnel may be selected more easily when candidates can be distinguished from one another and the most innovative, inventive, and enthusiastic ones are highlighted.
  • By giving them a chance to demonstrate their potential and added value, it improves candidates' experiences as applicants and boosts their confidence.

Do it with CazVid

We advise using CazVid, a free video application to look for jobs and employees, if you wish to use the video résumé to hire customer care representatives.

On the CazVid platform, you can post job openings in video format and receive applications in video format as well. Before contacting or interviewing candidates, you might do so in order to see and hear them.

Utilizing the app is quite simple. You simply need to download the app to your phone or tablet, register as an employer, then record and upload a 30-second video outlining your search criteria. Then, you can use the app to immediately contact candidates after watching their video applications for the job.

This tool's effectiveness could be summed up as follows: With CazVid, you can more quickly and easily locate the customer service personnel you require. Additionally, it enables you to identify the people who are best for your business by getting to know them better.

Contrarily, all videos are checked by a human team before being published in order to ensure their caliber and adherence to the usage guidelines. Additionally, all data is handled with privacy and secrecy.


A company's ability to satisfy, retain, and attract consumers depends on its ability to provide excellent customer service. Having qualified, motivated, and professional customer service staff is crucial for doing this.

Using cutting-edge tools like video resumes, the hiring process must be improved in order to locate and choose the best employees. CazVid, the only program devoted to looking for jobs and workers in video format, is the finest way to conduct curriculum video evaluations of staff abilities because it is quick, simple, and effective.


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