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Strengthening workplace communication during the hiring process

Any organization's success depends heavily on effective workplace communication. It concerns how information is sent and received among the various stakeholders in an organization, including workers, managers, customers, and suppliers. Additionally, it affects things like productivity, satisfaction, the workplace atmosphere, innovation, and the reputation of the business.

However, effective and fluid communication at work is not always the case. Misunderstandings, disagreements, mistakes, or knowledge loss can occasionally happen and have a detrimental impact on employees' productivity and well-being. When a company is looking to add new human talent, these issues may arise during the hiring process itself.

In this post, we'll go through how to use a cutting-edge and powerful tool—the video resume—to increase business communication during the hiring process. Additionally, we'll introduce you to CazVid, an app that enables you to discover the greatest talent for your business through brief, engaging videos.

What is workplace communication, and why is it crucial?

The transmission of information between individuals who are associated with or a part of an organization throughout the course of their employment is referred to as "workplace communication." It may be external, when it is intended towards clients, partners, suppliers, or the media, or internal, when it is directed at the company's employees or collaborators.

The operation and growth of an organization depend greatly on this kind of communication. Some advantages it offers are:

  • Enhances teamwork and cooperation between projects.
  • Encourages problem-solving and decision-making.
  • Increases employees' commitment and motivation.
  • Encourages innovation and creativity.
  • Reinforces the values and culture of the firm.
  • Builds credibility and confidence among stakeholders.
  • Enhances the image and reputation of the brand.

Preventing poor workplace communication when hiring

The hiring process is one of the most important periods to assess whether workplace communication may be positive or negative. This stage involves choosing and integrating new personnel who will work for the company. It is crucial to assess the candidates' communication skills during this step because it will determine whether future communication flows are successful or unsuccessful.

Long-term repercussions for the business and the candidates may result from poor workplace communication during the hiring process. Some of these effects include:

  • It harms the workplace atmosphere.
  • It has a detrimental effect on output and performance.
  • With customers or suppliers, it creates a negative impression or a lack of professionalism.
  • Employee turnover rates are affected.
  • Decreases the effectiveness and quality of company management processes.
  • Decreases the new hires' retention and degree of satisfaction.

How can it be avoided?

It is vital to put some good practices into effect in order to prevent poor workplace communication during the hiring process. This includes:

  • Clearly state the job description and the desired candidate's qualifications.
  • Create a selection procedure that is visible, flexible, and unbiased.
  • Disseminate employment offers through the proper channels and media, and get in touch with candidates.
  • Give detailed, accurate, and current information about the procedure, position, and business.
  • Provide candidates with timely, helpful feedback about their performance and where they stand in the selection process.
  • Always be friendly, respectful, and sympathetic when speaking with candidates.
  • Utilize the video resume as a tool for hiring.

Video resumes: the best method to assess communication abilities

Communication is one of the most desired and sought-after skills in the job. It is about having the capacity to communicate thoughts, feelings, opinions, and knowledge in the most appropriate and successful ways for each circumstance and target audience. For teamwork, leadership, customer service, negotiation, presentation, and persuasion to succeed, communication is crucial.

However, evaluating a candidate's communication abilities is a difficult task. Written resumes or phone interviews used in traditional selection processes are not a reliable way to gauge an applicant's communication skills. Furthermore, candidates, particularly younger ones, may find these tactics tedious, repetitious, and unappealing.

The video resume is a tool that has grown popular in the field of human resources. It is a creative and engaging style that entails the applicant introducing themselves in a brief video and outlining their qualifications, successes, and reasons for applying for the post. Both candidates and recruiters can benefit greatly from the video resume.

What does it include?

A resume video is an audiovisual document that supplements or takes the place of the typical resume. Its goal is to succinctly and attractively convey the candidate's identity, their value to the organization, and their motivation for applying for the position.

The length of a resume video often ranges from 30 seconds to three minutes, depending on the position and the amount of detail you want to include. The video's content must be understandable, succinct, and pertinent to the job for which you are seeking. Some elements that might be mentioned are:

  • Candidate's name and contact details.
  • relevant academic and professional preparation for the post.
  • Experience at previous jobs and accomplishments.
  • Competencies and abilities that set the candidate apart.
  • Motivations and areas of interest for employment with the organization.
  • Personal characteristics that reveal the candidate's character and ideals.

Benefits for employers

For organizations trying to bring on new employees, the video resume has many advantages. Several of these advantages include:

  • It enables you to evaluate the candidates' communication abilities immediately and impartially.
  • It makes it easier to identify cross-disciplinary abilities like imagination, initiative, and flexibility.
  • It aids in developing a deeper understanding of the candidates' cultures, values, and personalities.
  • Reduces the time and expense of the selection process by identifying the best candidates early on.
  • by providing candidates with a more unique and tailored experience, the level of appeal and loyalty is raised.
  • Increases the company's reputation and image by demonstrating its dedication to modernization and digitization.

How video resumes enhance long-term communication at work

Resume videos not only improve work communication in the hiring process, but also in the long term. By employing new staff using resume videos, you achieve:

  • A more intimate and trustworthy relationship between employees and managers right away.
  • Encourage new employees to integrate into and adapt to the atmosphere and culture of the company.
  • Encourage teamwork and collaboration among staff members by getting to know their individual backgrounds and strengths.
  • By giving employees ongoing feedback and learning opportunities, you may promote their professional and personal growth.
  • Making employees feel valued and recognized will increase their dedication to the organization and their level of pleasure.

CazVid: an application that provides practical ways to find the best talent

We suggest giving CazVid a try if you want to enhance long-term workplace communication when hiring and taking advantage of all the benefits of video resumes. CazVid is an app that enables you to locate the most qualified applicants for your business through brief and engaging videos.

Through 30-second videos, CazVid, a free platform, connects companies and candidates. Employers can post job advertisements in video format, describing the position's qualifications, circumstances, and criteria. Candidates can then record and upload video resumes showcasing their qualifications, background, and motivation.

With CazVid, you can:

  • Filter the most qualified individuals in a matter of minutes, saving time and money during the hiring process.
  • Observe and hear candidates in action. Gauge their personality and verbal communication skills.
  • Attract and retain the best talent, by offering them a more innovative and personalized experience.
  • Demonstrate your dedication to modernization and digitization. Enhance your company's brand and image.


Any organization's success depends critically on effective workplace communication. However, the hiring procedure is frequently disregarded or impeded, which can lead to issues both immediately and afterwards. We advise you to use a video resume throughout the hiring process because it is a cutting-edge and useful tool that makes it simple and quick to assess a candidate's personality and communication skills.


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