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There is a paradox between the high demand for labor and the high unemployment rates. Why doesn't demand connect with supply? You will be able to say: I am looking for qualified workers, not unemployed. And you will be right. But is it enough to search for jobs or workers on the web through conventional advertisements? How to properly assess the profile of a candidate? The contradiction between demand and supply is likely to be resolved in the selection process.

Here, we'll explain how to deal with the problem faced by enterprises, companies, and industries when a website or platform is insufficient for making wise selections. At CazVid, we think it's critical to not only attract the best people but also to keep it, foster loyalty, and boost productivity.

The difficulty of recruiting personnel

Despite all the benefits that the Internet and the development of information technology have to offer, the labor market still lacks efficient methods for hiring someone with professional qualifications. It's normal for human resource departments to still find the process of filling a critical position in the company to be complex, cumbersome, and tiresome while businesses undergo digital transformation.

The risk of staff turnover, resignations or terminations, or the failure of a new hire to adjust will always be there. Additionally, even if they provide a wealth of tools, job portals and other specialized Google platforms are impersonal, cold, and not very humanized, which always leaves a bad impression when initially assessing a candidate's profile for a work position. job.

Yes, I'm looking for employees, but how can you tell if they'll be the proper fit for the kind of work you need to do? Here, it's critical to emphasize the following: The following factors must be balanced in a personnel selection strategy: speed and resource conservation during the initial phases of the hiring process. Preliminary examination of applicants.

Advice for a Manager of Hiring and Recruitment

Since they are in charge of luring, choosing, and keeping the human talent needed to expand and compete in the market, hiring and recruitment managers are crucial to the success of any business. Being a competent recruiter, however, requires a variety of abilities, information, and tactics that must be used effectively and professionally. Here are some pointers:

I'm looking for employees, so first establish the ideal candidate's profile

You must be clear about the kind of individual you are searching for to fill the position before publishing a job offer that says I'm looking for workers on a job board or in any other medium. To accomplish this, you must assess the position's requirements in terms of skills, experience, training, compensation expectations, and benefits that you can provide. This can help you avoid receiving applications from unqualified or irrelevant people and create a clear and appealing description that attracts the interest of the suitable candidates.

Utilize powerful digital tools

Technology now provides you with a wide range of tools to make your job as a recruiter easier. Online systems can be used, for instance, to manage applications, administer psychometric or knowledge exams, request video resumes, have videoconference interviews, or offer automated feedback. Additionally, you would use social media to advertise your services, look for potential employees, build your employer brand, and encourage community involvement. You can use these tools to make the most of your time, cut expenses, and raise the caliber of your operations.

Be adaptable and flexible

Because the workplace is a dynamic and ever-evolving environment, you must be ready to adjust to emerging trends, needs, and opportunities. For instance, broaden the scope of your search for candidates by going national or international and mentioning the availability of remote work or flexible hours. It also looks into new market niches, developing industries, or fields of expertise that demand specialized or hard-to-find individuals. You will broaden your network of contacts, diversify your sources for hiring, and locate the talent you require in this method.

Invest in continuing your education

As a manager of hiring and recruiting, you need to stay on top of the most recent developments, methods, and best practices that are relevant to your industry. It is crucial that you make an investment in your ongoing education, whether it be through online or in-person classes, webinars, podcasts, blogs, books, or specialty periodicals. By doing this, you'll keep your knowledge current, pick up new skills, enhance your performance, and raise your professional value.

Ensure a positive hiring experience

Taking care of the candidate's experience throughout the selection process is one of the most crucial elements of being a competent recruiter. This entails speaking with them frequently and fluently, treating them with respect, being pleasant and transparent with them, providing constructive and honest feedback, addressing any questions or concerns they may have, and making them feel valued and important. By doing so, you create a favorable impression, foster the candidate's loyalty, enhance your company's reputation, and set yourself apart from the competitors.

These are only a few useful pointers to remember if you want to manage hiring and recruiting more effectively. Keep in mind that since you are in charge of locating the talent your company needs to expand and develop, your work is essential to its success.

Who or what qualifies as a candidate?

A competent applicant is one who possesses the qualifications and abilities needed to carry out a specific job. Additionally, in addition to having the appropriate education and expertise, this person fits the character and culture of the organization that hires them.

On the other hand, you must possess the technical and soft skills required to complete the tasks specified by the contractor, in addition to a positive outlook, initiative, and the capacity for teamwork. It is crucial that the applicant has the chance to exhibit their knowledge and abilities during the hiring process and that they are also consistent in their behavior.

3 guidelines for advertising job offers that work

Posting a straightforward job description and job requirements is insufficient if you want to get the top candidates to your organization. To attract the attention of the professionals you want to hire, you must develop job offers that are distinctive from the competition. How do you do it? You are given three keys:

  • Define the work environment and the workplace: This goes beyond simply stating the location and working hours to include the organization's culture, beliefs, and mission. As a result, you will draw in those who are inspired to collaborate with you and who share your goal. Include a list of your advantages, such as flexibility, teleworking, career advancement, or well-being.
  • Clearly and precisely express yourself: To prevent misleading or deterring candidates, avoid using vague, general, or overstated words. Use straightforward, direct language to be clear about what you are searching for and what you have to offer. Additionally, make sure your offer is well-structured and written in clear, simple-to-understand language.
  • Use pertinent keywords: It's crucial to include the phrases that job seekers use to look for offers connected to your industry or position if you want your job offer to appear more prominently on search engines and job boards. By examining the offers of the competitors or using tools like Google Trends or Keyword Planner, you can find these terms. Additionally, you want to put them in the content at key points like the title, introduction, subheadings, or the end.

By using these three tips, you can make job offers that are more persuasive, reach more qualified applicants, and improve your chances of hiring the right candidate for your business.

Take care of your employer brand if you're looking for employees

Simply by stating that you are seeking employees, you are defining yourself as an employer. An employer brand is the collection of perceptions, values, and characteristics that distinguish a company as a desirable place to work. It is the image a business presents to its current and potential employees, as well as to its clients, vendors, and the general public.

Employer branding enables businesses to stand out from the competition, entice and keep talent, increase employee dedication and productivity, and cultivate trust and loyalty among their target audiences.

Use a search engine or job fairs to find employees

If you're looking for employees for your business, you've probably thought about using an online search engine or going to job fairs. How can you find the talent you need the best?

I'm searching for employees online

You may easily and rapidly publish job offers online and receive applications using search engines. You merely need to sign up for a platform, create your company account, and upload your job openings with the specifications and terms you provide. Candidates who are interested will value your offer and email their resumes with only one click.

The main benefits of using a search engine online are time and money savings. You don't have to travel or spend money on stands or advertising. The goal is to access a huge pool of candidates from various industries and degrees of experience, then filter them based on your requirements. As a result, you will choose the best option for your business before getting in touch with them.

There are, however, some negatives as well. On the one hand, there is a lot of competition because so many businesses are looking for employees in the same area. On the other side, the candidates' quality can vary and they might not always match your requirements. Additionally, since the application process is conducted online, you are unable to interview candidates in person to gauge their enthusiasm, attitude, and social skills.

Search for employees at job fairs

A job fair is a face-to-face gathering where employers and job seekers can interact. Companies typically have a booth where they advertise their activities, values, and job opportunities. Candidates will be able to upload their resumes, ask questions, and schedule interviews through the stands.

The main benefit of attending a job fair is that it enables you to make direct contact with the applicants, get to know them better, observe how they communicate, interact with one another, and demonstrate their interest in your business. Additionally, you will have the chance to network with other businesses and industry experts while promoting your employer brand.

There are, however, certain drawbacks as well. On the one hand, planning or taking part in a job fair demands a time and financial commitment. You must arrange for the staff that will represent you, as well as the necessary transportation and lodging. On the other hand, because it is dependent on the call and participation at the event, the number of candidates is typically restricted. Additionally, you won't always be able to conduct in-depth interviews with all the candidates that pique your interest.

Which choice should I make?

As you can see, the job fair and the internet search engine each have advantages and disadvantages. Your goals, your money, and your availability will all influence your decision. To increase your chances of obtaining workers, we advise you to mix both options rather than limiting yourself to just one.

Find the app, CazVid, that combines the two choices

If you search for "I am looking for workers" on search engines, you will undoubtedly find a number of "traditional" employment search websites. However, CazVid arrives to defy convention and provide you with a free service that combines the benefits of a job fair with an online job search engine while avoiding their respective drawbacks. What does it concern?

  • It is a specific software for video resumes and job advertisements.
  • This quality not only gives you the ability to see and hear the applicants as if they were in front of you, but also gives you the chance to assess their soft skills, communication skills, attitude, personality, languages, vocabulary, presence, image, and other attributes.
  • You may quickly screen candidates with CazVid. You won't have to spend time looking through hundreds of resumes; instead, you'll view quick videos of the applicants and quickly select your top candidates.
  • This app's primary goal is to streamline job interviews; only a select few finalists will get in touch with you this time around using a written résumé.
  • CazVid eliminates unnecessary digital red tape, time-consuming form filling, and process-delaying middlemen.

It's really simple to use CazVid: just download the app for Apple or Android, create a recruiter login with your email, publish your job ad in video, and either wait for prospects to get in touch with you straight after watching their movies, or contact them instantly after watching their video CV.

Conclusion: explore new tactics

We've seen how difficult it can be to accept the following assumption: I'm recruiting employees through websites, platforms, and in-person job fairs. We advise you to modernize your processes and apply supplementary tools, particularly if you want your hiring procedure to result in more informed hiring decisions. CazVid can aid you in finding individuals of various stripes, whether they are needed for agency work, temporary or permanent employment, or as a decision-making assistance.


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