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Video resumes and hybrid work: the newest trend in hiring

Companies must adjust to the new needs and preferences of employees and customers as the world of work rapidly changes. Hybrid work, which mixes in-person and remote work and offers flexibility, cost savings, and productivity, is one of the work modalities that has increased the most in recent years.

However, where do you find the best employees for this kind of work? What aptitudes are needed to function in a hybrid environment? How can candidates' motivation, inventiveness, and communication skills be assessed? The video resume is a cutting-edge tool that enables you to effectively and dynamically present your professional profile.

In this post, we'll define hybrid work, go over some of its benefits and qualities, as well as discuss how to use a video resume to attract the most qualified candidates, what you can assess with a hybrid work curriculum video, and why CazVid is the best tool for watching video resumes.

Hybrid work: What is it?

A work model known as hybrid work mixes on-site work at the office with remote work from home or another location. As long as they fulfill their goals and obligations, this modality gives employees the freedom to select where and how they want to work.

Work that is exclusively done from a location other than the office, such as telework or remote work, is not the same as hybrid work. Additionally, it differs from flexible working, which is the capacity to modify the timetable or working day. Hybrid work combines both ideas in an effort to provide the greatest elements of each.

Characteristics of hybrid work

There are various aspects of hybrid work that set it apart from other work models. Among them are:

  • The terms of hybrid work, such as the amount of time that will be spent doing in-person work vs doing it remotely, the schedules, tools, spaces, and resources accessible, must be agreed upon both the employer and the employee.
  • It suggests a change in company culture and in how work is managed, focusing more on results than on hours spent and encouraging teamwork, trust, and autonomy.
  • Worker adaptation to various work modalities is necessary, as is the development of skills including effective communication, creativity, organization, time management, problem solving, and changeability.
  • To enable remote work and collaboration with coworkers and clients, it entails intense use of information and communication technology (ICT), including the internet, mobile devices, digital platforms, specialized apps, and software.

Benefits of using hybrid work as a work mode

For both businesses and employees, hybrid work has several benefits. Among them are:

For the businesses

  • Reduces the amount of space needed, the amount of energy used, and the expense of transportation.
  • Boost productivity by raising employee engagement, performance, and satisfaction.
  • Allows for the expansion of the labor market by allowing access to talent from various locations and profiles.
  • Demonstrates an inventive, adaptable, and responsible attitude toward the environment and society, which enhances the corporate image.

For the employees

  • Reduces stress, saves time and money on travel, and promotes work-life balance to raise quality of life.
  • Increases autonomy by allowing one to control their own workspace and schedule.
  • Increases professional development by offering chances for lifelong learning, task variety, and innovative challenges.
  • Feeling valued for their accomplishments rather than just their presence encourages drive.

How to find the top employees for this kind of work

Reviewing conventional resumes, which are frequently dull, impersonal, and uninformative, is insufficient to find candidates for hybrid jobs. We require a tool that will help us comprehend the prospects' qualifications, traits, and potential. A candidate can introduce himself and discuss why he is qualified for the post in a brief video that may be up to three minutes. This tool is known as a video resume.

The video resume is superior than the written resume in many ways. Among them are:

  • You can demonstrate the candidate's verbal and nonverbal communication, which is crucial for hybrid jobs where strong oral and nonverbal communication are needed to portray security, confidence, and professionalism.
  • It reveals the candidate's character and originality, which are crucial for hybrid jobs where you must come up with new ideas and be flexible to changing circumstances.
  • Since hybrid work requires initiative, commitment, and responsibility for the job, it is crucial to be able to gauge a candidate's motivation. Video may help you to see these qualities.
  • It can demonstrate the candidate's experience and accomplishments, which is important for hybrid jobs where employees with problem-solving and goal-achieving skills are desired.

What can a resume video for hybrid work evaluate?

You can assess certain characteristics of applicants for hybrid jobs using a resume video:

  • The way they present themselves, including how they dress, their style of hair, their cosmetics, how they communicate with the audience, and how they look into the camera. Your perception of their professionalism and appropriateness for the job and the organization will be influenced by this.
  • The content, including what's said, how it's said, the tone used, the words selected, and the facts highlighted. This will help you get a sense of their education, work history, abilities, and hobbies.
  • The format: how the video is made, its resolution, length, and resource requirements. You can get a sense of their ICT abilities, creativity, and capacity to synthesize from this.

Introducing CazVid: The best app for viewing resumes in video format.

We suggest getting to know CazVid, the only software devoted to searching for jobs and people in video format, if you want to fully capitalize on the benefits of video resumes to hire personnel for hybrid work.

You may submit job offers and resumes in 30-second videos using the free software CazVid. In this way, you may access the candidate profiles fast and get in touch with them right from the app. The program is simple to use, quick, and efficient.

You may locate employees using this tool for a variety of industries and job categories, including sales, marketing, graphic design, programming, customer service, administration, education, health care, and more. Additionally, you can filter videos by keyword, genre, and region.

Final Advice for Hiring Personnel for Hybrid Work

In order to wrap up this article, here are some last suggestions for selecting personnel for hybrid work:

  • The terms of hybrid work should be spelled out in detail and explained to candidates up front.
  • Be on the lookout for people who possess abilities such as clear communication, creativity, organization, time management, problem-solving, and flexibility.
  • Utilize the video resume as a tool to learn more about individuals and assess their qualifications.
  • Employ CazVid as a platform to advertise job openings and watch video resumes.
  • Follow up with chosen candidates and keep lines of communication open.


A work style called hybrid work mixes in-person and remote labor. This approach has benefits for both businesses and employees. You need a tool to hire personnel for hybrid work that will help you better grasp the applicants' qualifications, personalities, and potential. This tool is a video resume, which is a format in which the applicant introduces himself and outlines why he is the ideal candidate for the job in a brief video.

The video resume is superior than the written resume in many ways, including the ability to demonstrate the applicant's vocal and nonverbal communication skills, as well as their creativity, drive, and experience. You can assess the applicants' presentation, substance, and other qualities with a resume video.


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