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Which type of salesperson should I hire?

Without a question, low-level sales representatives and sales executives are crucial to the success of any company. However, not every salesperson is the same, and not every salesperson has the same abilities, drives, and objectives. It's crucial to understand the many kinds of sellers that are available and how to select the ones that are best for your business.

The main categories of vendors with their traits, benefits, and drawbacks will be covered in this article. Additionally, we'll provide you with some advice on how to select the finest salespeople for your team based on the kind of goods or services you provide, the demographics of your target market, and the business plan you intend to implement so that you may maximize your resources, boost sales, and keep consumers.

What seller profile works the best?

In addition to technical expertise, a number of personal qualities are essential for success in sales. In general, the ideal salesperson profile includes excellent communication skills, the capacity to forge long-lasting bonds with clients, strong persuasion, and a proactive and upbeat attitude. The perfect salesperson should also have a strong capacity to adapt to various conditions and clientele, as well as the ability to operate well under pressure.

Although there are several kinds of salesmen, the top ones all share a few characteristics. For instance, empathy is necessary to comprehend consumer wants and provide individualized solutions. Active listening skills are also essential for connecting with the client and providing exactly what they require. Persistence is a crucial quality because it frequently takes multiple efforts to close a sale.

In summary, the ideal salesperson profile combines technical proficiency with a good personality. The ideal match varies according to the kind of good or service being marketed, the target market, and the sales approach being used. To discover the greatest employee for your business, it's critical to keep these qualities in mind when interviewing applicants for your sales staff and to carefully consider each candidate's abilities and personality.

Common traits of a successful salesperson

The following characteristics help the salesman build strong relationships with clients, comprehend their needs, present suitable solutions, get over objections and roadblocks, and close deals:

  • Communication ability
  • Customer orientation
  • Persuasion
  • Trust
  • Empathy
  • Adaptability
  • Proactivity
  • Resilience

Technical and professional expertise of a seller

A salesperson needs to possess specific professional and technical abilities in addition to their personal qualities in order to do their work more effectively. For instance:

  • Understanding of the goods or services you sell.
  • Mastery in negotiation and sales strategies.
  • Use of digital and technical tools.
  • Management of sales indicators and data.
  • Ability to learn continuously

Categories of merchants

When discussing the many personas of the people who are in responsible of concluding a final sale for a client, we use the term "types of sellers." In this regard, there are many different ways to categorize salespeople, but one of the most popular is the one that separates them into seven groups based on how they interact with consumers and perform their jobs in general. These groups include:

  • Standard: refers to salespeople who have undergone training in sales and who adhere to set protocols, but who lack interpersonal and communication skills, building chilly and formulaic interactions with consumers.
  • Hard worker: Based on their own dependability and commitment to their jobs, they are constantly motivated and laser-focused on their line of work. They take a proactive stance toward the client, gathering data and providing long-term fixes.
  • Self-made: These are salespeople who, without formal sales training, have acquired their knowledge and expertise via hands-on experience in the industry. Their interpersonal relationships, which are centered on intangible values, and communication skills are their biggest strengths.
  • Challenger: Among the numerous sorts of sellers, the challenger concentrates on constantly offering the client an alternative point of view, allowing them to uncover new opportunities and prospects for their organization. They are adept at persuading clients with persuasive arguments because they have a thorough awareness of their needs.
  • Solvers: Known for being specialists in the goods or services they sell, showing the customer all of its features and advantages. Its objective is to provide individualized and efficient solutions to consumer concerns.
  • Relationshipists: They put their focus on developing a respectable, trusting relationship with their clients that is built on empathy and active listening. The objective is to keep the customer and turn them into a brand advocate.
  • Aggressor: These employ pushy and deceptive sales tactics in an effort to clinch the deal at all costs, disregarding the needs or interests of the customer. Their top objective is to produce quick and precise results.

Sources of hiring salesmen (and the drawbacks of each)

Businesses that wish to add the greatest salespeople to their team must employ a variety of methods and approaches to locate and entice them. The following are some of the popular methods for looking for sellers:

Network, both personal and professional:

Recommendations from people you know or who work with you are one of the best ways to identify good sellers. By doing this, you can access people who might not be actively looking for a career move but who might be interested in your offer by taking advantage of the credibility and trust that your contacts provide you.

The drawbacks: You may experience issues like prejudice, partiality, a lack of diversity, and constrained options. Additionally, if the vendor doesn't live up to expectations or fit into the company culture, this approach frequently results in conflicts of interest or poor performance.

Professional occasions

Another method is to go to or take part in sales-related events like fairs, congresses, seminars, or workshops. There, potential prospects can be met, a personal connection can be made, and your company's value offer can be explained.

The drawbacks include the potential for high costs, inefficiency, and inefficiency. Professional events frequently feature a short running time, plenty of attendees, and fierce competitiveness. As a result, it is challenging to grab candidates' attention, build rapport with them over time, and evaluate their abilities and competences.

Using social media

Social networks are a great resource for finding vendors since they let you advertise your job offer, showcase your company culture, and get in touch with potential individuals immediately. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a few of the social media platforms that are frequently used for this.

The drawbacks: They frequently pose challenging problems such information overload, lack of authenticity, difficulties sorting and dividing applicants, and the potential for reputation damage to the business if social networks are exploited improperly.

Job boards

Job portals are online locations where you can advertise your opening, screen applicant resumes, and administer the hiring procedure. Indeed, Infojobs, Monster, or Glassdoor are a few of the most well-liked employment sites.

The drawbacks include issues like poor candidate quality, a large number of applications, the time and effort needed to analyze and reply to applicants, and a lack of customization and distinctiveness in the offer.


Professionals that specialize in finding and choosing talent for particular positions are known as headhunters. If you want to reach qualified applicants who are challenging to identify using other methods while saving time and resources, you can use their services.

The drawbacks include the high cost of the service, reliance on the headhunter, loss of selection-process control, and potential compatibility issues between the headhunter and the business or the candidate.

The most effective method for hiring salespeople is a video résumé.

Making a thorough assessment of the vendors' traits, abilities, and competences is one of the major difficulties of hiring vendors.

However, using the video resume as a selection tool is one of the most popular techniques to speed up this process. The video resume, which lasts between one and three minutes, is an audiovisual, condensed portrayal of a candidate's professional record. This format is the finest one for hiring salespeople because it offers both candidates and recruiters a number of benefits.

Benefits of using a video resume when hiring salespeople

The best format for evaluating personality, creativity, and communication abilities—all crucial components of a salesperson's performance—is video.

  • It makes it simple for the applicant to draw attention to their advantages, successes, and driving forces without being constrained by the written information of a conventional resume.
  • It offers recruiters a chance to judge how well applicants have adapted to market developments and their experience with new technology.
  • Without the necessity for a face-to-face interview, it enables the recruiter to grab the candidate's attention, get to know them better, and evaluate their fullest potential.
  • By identifying the best candidates for the job based on their profile and skills, a video CV enables the recruiter to save time and resources.
  • Having taken the time to create a video CV, candidates have demonstrated initiative, commitment, and curiosity to recruiters.

A video resume's use in sales hiring

Salespeople are the public face of your business, therefore they need the aptitude, disposition, and drive to complete deals and keep clients.

But how can you evaluate potential buyers without squandering time and money on tiresome interviews? How do you tell the difference between people who are truly talented and people who are just good speakers? Let's examine the following approach:

Step 1: What kind of seller am I looking for?

Step 2: After responding to the preceding query, respond to the following: What kind of goods or services do I have to market?

Step 3: After defining your profile and the good or service you'll market, create a video job advertisement and publish it to CazVid. You must state in the said video that submitting an application for the job entails both recording a video resume in which the applicant demonstrates how they will sell one of your items to the client and uploading it to CazVid.

Step 4: By simulating a sale of your product, you will be able to assess the candidate's knowledge, vocabulary, communication, attitude, personality, motives, and sales methods. Amazing, isn't it?

We would like to remind you that CazVid is a free application that allows you to publish and view job offers and video resumes as well as search for jobs and jobs.

Last suggestions for selecting providers

Through CazVid, we have already seen how to hire salesmen with a video resume. But before we go, we want to offer you a few more suggestions to ensure the success of your selecting procedure. Here are 5 suggestions to help you select the top salespeople for your company:

  1. Clearly define the seller's profile that you are seeking. It is important to have the right abilities and attitudes for the work in addition to prior experience or expertise in the field. A successful salesperson, for instance, needs to be outgoing, persuasive, sympathetic, proactive, and results-driven.
  2. Use the instructional video as a preliminary sieve. You can rapidly get to know the individuals and determine whether they match your requirements thanks to the video resume. Pay attention to their body language, the way they express themselves, and the picture they project in addition to the video's substance.
  3. The candidates' originality and inventiveness are valued. An opportunity to distinguish out and exhibit your personality is presented by a CV video. Look for candidates who can capitalize on it and who pleasantly surprise you with their ideas. For instance, you can judge the candidate's use of humor, whether they share anecdotes, or whether they make an attempt to sell.
  4. Add extra assessment tools to the curriculum video as a complement. Although the video CV is a very helpful tool for screening applicants, it is insufficient to reach a choice. It is convenient to examine the profiles of the applicants and observe how they behave in various circumstances using additional tools like knowledge tests, personality tests, or group dynamics.
  5. Personalize your follow-up with the chosen applicants. After selecting the candidates you are most interested in, it is crucial to stay in touch with them and let them know what will happen next in the selection process. By doing so, you will show the candidates that you are interested in them and that you are professional.


Each of the different seller kinds that are available have pros and cons and will adapt to the profile you require for your sales activities. In any event, it's not always simple to identify and then hire salesmen. A lot of factors need to be assessed and taken into account, and conventional approaches frequently fall short. When using the CazVid app and everything it suggests as a way to improve the recruitment processes, the goal is that you add a tool like the video resume to your strategy, that you combine it with other tools, and that you save time, money, and terrible mistakes.


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