Why CazVid? What’s the difference between CazVid and others?

CazVid vs. other video social media apps and other video platforms

CazVid is the only video-playing platform dedicated to job postings, job resumes and income related opportunities only.  While other video-based social media and video-websites have entertainment videos and other kind of videos, and while other platforms encourage you to use their app to record video resumes, CazVid is the only app solely dedicated for jobs, gigs, business opportunities, franchises, and paid training.

Do you really want your profile to include a video resume as well as other videos that may prevent you for getting the job? Do you really want hiring managers to see your video resume but also see all the other videos and posts you have liked and share?   Many job candidates don’t understand that sometimes because you liked a post with a different political opinion of a hiring manager, you don’t get hired.  And that’s only one example.

CazVid is a video-based platform for video resumes, candidate intro videos, video cover letters of job seekers and those who seek short term gigs and income opportunities.  CazVid is also a video-based app for job listings, gig opportunities, business opps, franchises, and paid training programs.

CazVid vs. other job boards and professional social media platforms

CazVid introduces the video-based concept as a mandatory element of your profile. Many job openings websites encourage you to include video resumes. They encourage you to post video cv’s, well, because it works.   However, CazVid is the only job postings app that is completely free to employers, very easy to use, and mandate applicants to use the CazVid video resume to apply for jobs.   For so many jobs, especially for those which require customer interaction, a short video resume is a much better application tool than a traditional written resume.

Similarly, a quick 30 second video job posting is a greater presentation of a job opening versus a traditional written job posting.  In a video job listing, the candidates can see the hiring manager, or even better, the candidate can see their future work environment. All of that is making the job posting more personable.

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