CazVid is welcoming its first baker video resume

When you think about a baker applying for a job, you probably do not think about a video resume.   Well, CazVid is changing that notion.

CazVid is the first, completely free, video-based resume bank and video-based job posting directory.  Employers post job listings in a short 30 second CazVid video format, and prospective employees post their intro, similar to a CV or a resume, in a short 30 second CazVid Video.   Once employers and candidates have posted their videos, they can communicate for free on the CazVid app.  CazVid is like “the video social network” for employment. You may think of CazVid as the video employment matching app – not a dating app – but like a dating app.

And now, CazVid is welcoming the first baker video resume.  The CazVid platform is perfect for bakers who just want to introduce themselves; even further, the CazVid app is a perfect platform for bakers to show their work and get hired.   While smartphones cannot convey the smell of the baked goods – at least not yet; bakers and those who work in bakeries, can now post a CazVid baker video resume.

Check out the free app on CazVid.App.Link

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