Beauty Industry Positions on CazVid

The beauty industry has been known to employ a number of different positions. One popular position, as discussed in CazVid’s article about the matter, is that of an esthetician.

Estheticians are responsible for skin care treatments and are skilled in the art of skincare. They perform facials, body treatments, and makeup application among other services. Estheticians work at salons, spas, and day spas across the country. Looking for an a job in the beauty industry, check out the CazVid app.

CazVid is a free video resume platform that matches applicants with employers in the beauty industry. Title: What Is A Skin Care Specialist?

Skin care specialist is a profession that has become very popular over the years. These professionals use a number of different techniques depending on what treatment is necessary for their client. A skin care specialist can be either an esthetician or cosmetologist. These professionals are responsible for researching and implementing beauty and skin care treatments in order to improve their clients’ appearances. With CazVid, the person who is looking for a job can record a free 30 second selfie video, explaining their experience and knowledge relevant to the job. Employers review video resumes on CazVid and contact potential applicants directly.

Check out the CazVid platform. CazVid is available on iphone and android. CazVid is a free, video-based, social media, where job seekers can record 30 second selfie videos, describing their professional experience or their desired job. Similarly, employers can record a 30 seconds selfie videos, describing their job openings. Finally, employers and candidates can connect and communicate on CazVid for a successful hiring.

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