Looking to hire a Microbiologist? Search video resumes of microbiolgists on CazVid!

If there is one thing we have learned in recent years, it is that the world moves, and fast. No one is interested in reading long and wordy job listings when you can record a video with the qualifications, you are looking for.

Record video resumes of microbiology jobs, and communicate with a potential worker, for free, with the CazVid app on your mobile.

Do what the “big companies” are doing nowadays:  Post a free job opening in a video format! 

The video resumes are being used by microbiologists who are seeking employment in various locations in and outside of the U.S. Have you thought about looking for these videos of microbiologists interested in working? Well, why not record a video, describing your microbiologist opening, and mainly describing why people should work with you!

I promise it only takes a minute (or less) to register a job ad. Job listings in video form are simple and effective for people to learn about you and your company.

You may be wondering what to say in your video, here are some tips:

  1. Do not overthink it. Think about a video post for a job listing as your 30-second elevator pitch to attract your future employees
  2. Explain how you can provide better support for your employees, and mainly just let your future job candidates see and hear you.
  3. Sell yourself.  People choose to get hired by people they like


Where to post?

CazVid is a free app for video resumes and for job openings.  It takes only 30 seconds to sign up and only 30 seconds to record a video resume or job posting in a video format.
Hiring?  Post a video job listing and browse the free bank of video resumes.
Looking to get hired? Post a video resume and search the large bank of job listing videos.