Looking for a business opportunity in Medellin? Become a city exclusive promoter in Medellin, Colombia and start working from your own home.

More and more people are looking for business opportunities in Medellin in which they have freedom and eventually can work from their home. With our exclusive city promoter program, which is better than a franchise model and better than all other business opportunities, you can just do that. You can start now as a part-time or full-time exclusive city promoter; it is up to you. 


With this exclusive city promoter program, you will be responsible for finding people and companies to use the CazVid application. The CazVid app is always free for businesses and job candidates, so your task to promote the app should not be too hard. This city exclusive promoter in Medellín was already started by the CazVid team, so the biggest challenge, to get the first companies and candidates, is already fulfilled. Now, you can become an exclusive business promoter in Medellín and help expand the customer base of Cazvid in your area.


The CazVid free app of video resumes is available for anyone who is searching for candidates. Companies in Medellin can record a 30 second short video describing the company and their need for new job candidates. Companies then can search the free video resumes on the CazVid app and contact the candidates there directly.

Also, potential candidates can record a 30 second video resume on the CazVid app at no charge and contact the company directly from the CazVid app.


CazVid is always free for companies, recording a 30 second video describing their need and communicating directly with candidates. CazVid is also always free for candidates and individuals who want to get a new  job, to download the app, record a 30 second video resume and communicate directly with companies and other opportunities. CazVid is the only, completely free, video-based only, job video and video resume application. 


Don’t hesitate and start with this city exclusive promoter program in Medellin. It is known as a better than franchise opportunity and all business opportunities. The team of City Exclusive promoters is growing rapidly, so take your chance now.

For more information you can contact Wesley Bouwmeester, +57 321 691 2508 or [email protected]


Disclaimer: this is not a business opportunity or franchise opportunity. This is not related to crypto or multi level marketing and there is no investment required. 

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