CazVid – the best free app to post and find gigs

Oooo… the gig economy!!!  Love it or hate it, we ain’t gonna get into the politics, and the controversial opinions of the gig economy… But if you are looking for a new gig, short term, long term, a quick one, a day-long one, near or far, remote or “on the road” – meet CazVid.

CazVid is a free app for all users.  Users (who offer gigs) can download CazVid, sign up and record a 30 second videos describing what gigs they have to offer.  Other users (who are looking for gigs) can also download, sign up and record a 30 second selfie video describing their skills and their availability for any gigs.  Finally, gig searchers and gig offer’ers can connect on the app and communicate.

CazVid is the first and only video-based – 30 second-selfie video based -free app, for gigs, consulting opportunities, part time work, full time jobs, business opportunities and paid training.   Check out the Casual Videos on the CazVid app.