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Own a locksmith company? need more locksmiths to provide services for your clients?  Want to make sure that the locksmiths who apply for your job opening are presentable and confident? Go to CazVidCazVid is a free locksmith and other jobs and service employment app, but even better, on CazVid you will see and hear the person before you ever communicate with them and before the come to an interview with their locksmith CazVid video resume.  On CazVid you will also see, for free, the video resumes of other people who maybe have never thoughts about becoming locksmiths, and you can contact them and invite them to apply for your locksmith opportunity.

The concept of CazVid is that people upload their video resumes.  If you are looking for locksmiths, what’s better than seeing how the people, who are applying to work for your locksmith company, communicates and carry themselves BEFORE you invite them to an interview.  After all, these future locksmith technicians of yours are going to represent your company to your customers.

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