Get Hired with a Mechanic Video Resume. Search for Mechanic job openings and submit your Mechanic Video Resume

Video resumes from mechanics?  What?

Did you say that auto mechanics should create a video resume? Yes, auto mechanics should create and apply with a video resume.  It takes less than 30 seconds and it can get you hired!

What is a mechanic video resume?

Traditional video resumes were produced by salespeople, managers and marketing professionals to show their charisma, personality, and outgoing personality.   However, mechanics video resumes are now being used to get hired and there is a reason for it.  Mechanics should demonstrate that they, too, have the attitude and personality to get the job done.

What to say in your Mechanic Video Resume?

  1. Show yourself.  At the end of the day, employers will give you a chance because they like you. Employers also know that you may interact with customers, and communications and interpersonal skills are an important element of every employee.  video resumes show your inter personal skills.
  2. Talk about your certificates and experience.  Mention your credentials, but honestly, you can mention your credentials briefly.  Describing your credentials can be saved to your interview.
  3. Show your excitement about being a mechanic and your desire to find a rewarding mechanic job.  Employers want to see that you like the field, that you like to learn and that you will be a hard working member of their repair shop.

Where to post your Mechanic Video Resume?

Check out the CazVid app.  CazVid is a free app to post your mechanic video resume and search for mechanic job openings.  The app is also free for employers to post job listing videos, so employers are motivated to post jobs on the app and find you.  CazVid is the free app to hire and get hired as an automotive mechanic.