How to record a Medical Billing Video Resume? And where to post it?

If you are a medical biller and you are looking for work, you should record and post a video resume.
Companies are now using free apps that allow you to post your video resume to find you.   Medical Billing Video Resumes in Arizona are already being posted on the CazVid app and medical billing companies are posting job openings in video formats.
For many medical billing companies, the medical billers do not interact with patients or other customers.  So you may say, why is a video resume relevant? After all video resumes are about showing ones’ personality.  Video resumes are about showing how a candidate will interact with clients.
Well, video resumes are more than that!!!
What to say on your medical billing video resume?
Whether you just finished your medical billing certificate or whether you have several years experience, hiring medical billing companies are looking for people that will be easy and enjoyable to work with.
Your medical biller video resume is your opportunity to show how you are, show your personality, and communicate verbally that you are extremely excited to work in the medical billing industry!
Once you are done recording your medical billing professional video resume, where should you record it?
CazVid is a free app where medical billing companies post job openings in a video format.  Job candidates can record a video introduction to their medical billing experience. Finally, the candidates and the hiring companies can communicate for free on CazVid, hire and get hired.

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