Find and hire Models from Alberta Canada on the free CazVid Model Video Resume App

Searching for models in Alberta Canada?

Models from Alberta Canada are available with great video resumes.  They understand that value of reaching prospective employers with a video resume that shows their skills and their personality.   Yes, when you are applying for a model opportunity, the way you look is very relevant.  But one can see how the models look in regular pictures and gallery listings.

The video resumes of models, actresses, actors, and spokespeople are a powerful tool to find the right gig.  Especially in a place like Alberta Canada, where there might be less opportunities to find models or to promote yourself as a spokesperson, CazVid is a free, 24/7, virtual job fair for models, actors and actresses.

People who look for models, can go to the CazVid app and upload a short 30 second model opportunity.  they can describe what they are looking for in terms of the model gig and what’s the pay.   Models and Actors from Alberta Canada can browse the opportunities on the CazVid app and apply to those opportunities with a short 30 second model video resume.

CazVid is always free for both employers and employees.  They can download the app, record a video resume or a video gig opening, communicate with each other at no charge, hire and get hired.