How to find mortgage agents for your business? Post a video job listing of mortgage professional in Arizona

You are looking to expand your mortgage business?  Looking to hire more mortgage agents in Arizona or other markets?  Do what the “big companies” do:  Post a free job opening in a video format!

Video resumes are already being used by mortgage agents and those who just got their mortgage license.  Now, have you thoughts about searching these mortgage agent video resume?  Have you thought about recording your own video, describing your mortgage agent opening, and mainly describing why people should work for you!

It takes less than a minute to record a job posting.  Job listings in a video form are simple and effective for people to learn about you and your company.

What to say?

Don’t overthink it. Think about a video post for a job listing as your 30 second elevator pitch to attract new mortgage professionals in Arizona.

Mention your name and your company.

Explain what you do better than other companies.  Explain how you can provide a better support for the agents, and mainly just let your future job candidates see and hear you.  Sell yourself.  People choose to get hired by people they like – and that’s why a video job opening for mortgage agents makes sense.

Where to post?

CazVid is a free app for mortgage professional video resumes and for mortgage industry video job openings.  It takes only 15 seconds to sign up and only 30 seconds to record a video resume or job posting in a video format.

Hiring?  Post a video job listing and browse the free bank of video resumes.

Looking to get hired? Post a video resume and search the large bank of job listing videos.

CazVid is always available for mortgage broker companies, lenders, and any hiring mortgage professionals.

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